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“Only with the permission of Turkey the movements in the Eastern Mediterranean”

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Andreas Pimpisis

The message sent by Mevlüt Çavuşoλουlu is addressed to Nicosia, Athens and all the countries that are involved, in one way or another, in the Eastern Mediterranean. The Turkish Foreign Minister insisted that whatever is done in the region, in order to be able to proceed and be implemented, it must have the permission of Ankara. In energy he argues that a settlement can be found and revenues shared.

In statements to the state channel TRT Haber, the Turkish minister referred to the developments in the Eastern Mediterranean, saying that Greece and Greek Cypriots tried 9 times to violate the Turkish continental shelf, but were not allowed to do so. As he said, sometimes they prevented them by diplomatic methods, some by measures taken by the naval forces of the Turkish army, making the necessary warnings. “We did not allow them to enter and we will not allow it from now on, our determination is clear,” he said. “Only if you cooperate with Turkey can it be done. Scientific research; “You will get permission from us,” he said.


Tsavousoglou: We are not discussing a federation – Tips for PD Turkey : Tsavousoglou threatens to challenge the sovereignty of islands

Regarding the Cyprus issue, the Turkish Foreign Minister said that one of its dimensions is the sharing of revenues on the issue of hydrocarbons. He said that if “the Cypriots say yes and if they are honest and if the EU puts a little pressure on the Cypriots, it will be very easy. “Equitable revenue sharing can be arranged between the two sides, between companies on both sides, through the EU, through the UN.”

After that, Tsavousoglou continued, “it does not matter who did the drilling and who did not. In this way, 51% of the tension problems in the Mediterranean will have been solved “. But, he said, “unfortunately, although the Turkish Cypriot side has shown a constructive attitude on the issue of sharing, the Greek Cypriot side has rejected this. And the reason is clear. It is a member of the EU, it became a member contrary to the rules of international law in a way and it is accepted within the organization with ill-mannered behavior in the spirit of solidarity of the organization “.

According to him, “in fact, if we think logically, they themselves admitted on the sidelines of meetings on the Cyprus issue that the EastMed pipeline was not feasible and that it was a political program. That is a fact. ” He said the pipeline “from here can go through Turkey and everyone can win. That is, we are talking about a simple division. “

Regarding the solution of the Cyprus problem, M. Tsavousoglou stated that they are not discussing a federation again and accused President Anastasiadis that he withdrew from his agreements with the Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci, such as the issue of rotating presidency and power sharing. “Even if we negotiate for another 100 years, we will not end up anywhere,” Tsavousoglou said, adding that a solution must now be sought on the basis of equal sovereignty.

RTK supports the MOE

Diplomatic consultations should be held with the UN and the EU on the MOE, RTK said in a statement, stressing that the federation is the only possible solution in Cyprus and the field of convergence.

As reported in the occupied territories, RTK adds in the announcement that instead of rejecting the new MOE, which allegedly cover Varosi, the port of Famagusta, the “airport” in Tympos and the joint exploitation of hydrocarbons, it is necessary to consult with political parties and stakeholders.

The T / C party notes that it is a proven fact that the UN is a major lever in the peace-building process in Cyprus, which is based on a bi-communal, bi-zonal, politically equal federation based on UN resolutions and parameters. MOEs, he adds, are measures aimed at building mutual trust, cooperation and improving the conditions of daily life, which are necessary to alleviate the difficulties in the face of a comprehensive solution.

Source: www.philenews.com

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