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Onoufrios Koullas: The government's bill on child allowance does not meet today's accuracy conditions

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Press Release

Statement by the Member of Parliament and Spokesman Mr. Onofrios Koullas on support for families with children and students

The government's bill on child allowance is a piecemeal an improvement that doesn't match today's conditions of expanded accuracy and high interest rates.

We repeat again that by its decision the Democratic Alarm considers as one of its main priorities the essential support of families with children and students, scaled according to the composition of the family.

As we have said in yesterday's session of the Labor Committee of the Parliament and in our recent press conference to be exact, a holistic reform of the child benefit and student sponsorship is required in two directions:

a) the substantial increase the support of families, depending on the composition of the family, and

b) the broadening of income criteria that corresponds to today's data, so as to support more middle-class families.< /p>

We also reminded DISY's proposal for a law on family tax-free income that supports families where one of the two spouses is on a low wage.

It is with such policies we will at the same time face the risks arising from the low birth rate and the demographic problem of our country.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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