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OPAP Cyprus again adopts two rooms of Arodafnousa and fills them with love, care and hope!

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Η ΟΠΑ&Pi ; Κύπρου υιοθετεΙ ξανΑ δΙο δωμΑτια &tau ;ης Αροδαφνοyσας και τα γεμΙζει &mu ;ε αγαπη, φροντλδα και ελπλδα!

Interpreting the hopeful messages of the Resurrection, OPAP Cyprus has renewed the adoption of two rooms at the Palliative Care Center “Arodafnousa”, so that they can be filled with love, care and hope!

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Announcing the renewal of the adoption of the two rooms, three days after Easter Sunday, the CEO of OPAP Dimitris Aletraris said symbolically that “the hopeful messages as communicated to people by the Divine Passion, the Crucifixion and the Resurrection of Christ, support and the hope of our fellow human beings who, enduring the passions of cancer, expect the right to life, joy and prosperity”.

This expectation, stressed Mr. Aletraris, we must constantly invest with our love and above all with actions that will create the most favorable conditions for care and recovery.

In addition to covering the operating costs of the two rooms in Aerodafnusa, which OPAP Cyprus has consistently undertaken since 2017, its renewed support will also help in securing a special bus to facilitate the transportation of our sick fellow citizens, based on the needs and implementation of the plans of the Anti-Cancer Association.

< p>Mr. Aletraris expressed his respect and appreciation for the important work of the Anti-Cancer Association and assured the President, Dr. Adamos Adamos, that OPAP Cyprus will in practice continue to stand close to the Association and will contribute to the implementation of the programs and services that it wonderfully provides to fellow human beings us. “After all, this is also dictated by the timeless human-centered philosophy of OPAP Cyprus” concluded Mr. Aletraris.

Accepting the new offer of OPAP Cyprus, the President of the Anti-Cancer Association of Cyprus, Dr. Adamos Adamou, expressed his thanks and gratitude, saying that such actions contribute decisively to the work of the Association. Mr. Adamou confirmed the human-centered approach of OPAP Cyprus not only for the Anti-Cancer Association but for our society more broadly. “The sensitivity and corporate social responsibility of OPAP Cyprus”, added Mr. Adamou, “allow us to continue envisioning and setting high goals, always with the welfare of our fellow cancer sufferers in mind”.

Source: eurokerdos.cyprustimes.com

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