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OPEC: It will support a candidate that is closer to its positions on Cyprus and corruption

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ΟΠΕΚ: Θα στηρ Ιξει υποψηφιότητα που εΙναι εγγyτ ερα στις θΕσεις του για Κυπρια&kappa και διαφθορà

The OPEC Board of Directors  states that it will support in the presidential elections the candidacy that “which is reliable and is closer to his positions on the solution of the Cyprus problem, the fight against corruption and the modernization of Cyprus to become a normal member state of the EU”.

In today's announcement of, also mentions that the next presidential elections are is an important opportunity to “condemn the politics of Anastasiades” and all those who supported her “with their complicity, silence or tolerance” for five years”, while noting that “the dramatic impasse in the Cyprus issue bears their signature”.

“The day after the elections, those forces that fought consistently for so many years for the resolution of the Cyprus issue and the European recognition of Cyprus, as a modern democratic country, will have before them another difficult struggle to safeguard these basic principles” concludes.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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