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Opening of the first Damiani boutique in Limassol

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The Damiani group currently has more than 90 boutiques worldwide, one of which is in Cyprus

Εγκτης πρτς ουτΙκ Damiani σεμεσo

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The Italian luxury jewelery group Damiani celebrates 100 years of business this year, asserting a strong presence throughout its illustrious history in gold, glitter, diamonds, gemstones and pearls.

< p>The course of the Damiani company is really strong. It is a story of family tradition, with a passion for the art of goldsmithing and a love for the high quality of jewelry creation and design. It was founded by Enrico Grassi Damiani in 1924 in Valenza, Italy, in the heart of the goldsmiths' district. Thanks to his skill and craftsmanship in goldsmithing, Enrico very quickly became a well-known jeweler, to whom the wealthy and noble families of the time turned to for the creation of unique, precious pieces, true masterpieces of high quality and creation. Enrico's son Damiano took over and led Damiani from 1960-1990. He managed to grow the company while also adopting new marketing and advertising strategies. His creativity and pioneering ideas paved the way for profound changes, which influenced the design of jewelry, creating new trends in it and making it more and more sophisticated, thus conquering a larger and more international audience.

< p>Since the beginning of the 90s, Damiani has transformed from a family business to an international one, gradually establishing its presence in the field of fine gold in the world. In 2001, the company began selling products in the US market, and by 2003 it had 25 stores in Italy, Asia and the US. After Damiano, the company passed to his three children, Guido, Silvia and Giorgio, who chose to continue following the evolutionary path and excellence of the family business.

Today, Damiani continues to stand out in the world of jewelry and high-end design, marking its own unique history among the world's greatest jewelry brands. Still based in Valenza, the Damiani group continues the work started by Enrico Damiani, unique creations with refined craftsmanship and impressive designs. The Damiani group currently has more than 90 boutiques worldwide, one of which is in Cyprus, while the group has six brands: 1. Damiani, 2. Salvini, 3. Bliss, 4. Calderoni, 5. Rocca, and 6. Venini.

Damiani in Cyprus

The opening of the first Damiani boutique in Cyprus took place on Friday, May 31, 2024

The opening of the first Damiani boutique in Cyprus took place on Friday, May 31, 2024, in the presence of Giorgio Damiani, at the City of Dreams Mediterranean in Limassol, in a space as luxurious and elegant as the company itself. At Europe's first multi-theme resort, City of Dreams Mediterranean, lovers of high-quality jewelery can see and purchase Damiani's luxury jewelery and watches up close. At the opening event, the select guests who attended had the unique opportunity to see and admire the unique creations through the exhibition, enjoying a special and luxurious experience.

Damiani in Cyprus operates in collaboration with the company Vassos Eliades Ltd, which is known for the high quality products it supplies and for its collaborations with major brands worldwide. With the opening of the first Damiani boutique in Cyprus, Damiani confirms its strong strategic expansion and consolidates its position in the Mediterranean, effectively confirming in this way the great appeal of the group, which is achieved through continuous investments and new store openings .

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