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Operation “calm waters” by rulers

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ΕπιχεΙρηση «orρε μα νερa» απo κυβερνoντες

After the storm of reformation, President Christodoulidis and colleagues attempt to restore calm to the government camp, and for everyone to look towards the next day. President Christodoulidis showed during his public statements that he did not want to continue the discussion that followed his speech during the assurance ceremony of the new ministers.  His approach is similar inside the closed chamber of the cabinet, speaking to his ministers.

Appearing on the state channel for the cutting of the royal cake, President Christodoulidis showed that he does not want to keep the discussion of the disputed points open. of his speech on Wednesday. Nor did he want to give further explanations about the “sirens” he had referred to during his speech.

In his statements to the journalists and asked to state who he meant during his speech yesterday at the assurance ceremony of the new members of the Government when the President of the Republic referred to “sirens”, he said that “yesterday, during the legal assurance, I referred to everything what we have implemented in just ten months of government, always based on our pre-election program, always based on our social contract with the Cypriot people”. “That is where our efforts are focused with the new members of the Council of Ministers, with one and only goal: to respond to all that we promised to the Cypriot people. I have nothing else to add,” he added.

Earlier yesterday the cabinet held its first session under its new composition. According to an announcement by the Presidency, welcoming the new members of the Council of Ministers, the President of the Republic stated that “we will work together to achieve all that we have promised to the Cypriot people. You are from [the] day before yesterday members of a strong team that works.” In these first ten months, he continued, “we have shown from the results that we can respond to all that we promised to the Cypriot people”. President Christodoulidis also stated that he is at the disposal of the new members of the Council of Ministers, with whom, as he said, he will also have private meetings on the issues of their responsibilities.

In the meantime, the director of the Press Office of the President of the Republic, Viktoros Papadopoulos, was asked to give explanations for the controversial remarks of Nikos Christodoulidis. It is recalled that the said reference of the President caused discussions, while the Speaker of the Parliament and President of DISY, Annita Dimitriou, speaking to OMEGA, called on the President to clarify to whom he was addressing.  “When you make reforms and changes, then you also find resistance from the old”, said Viktoros Papadopoulos in his initial statement. Subsequently, Mr. Papadopoulos brought as an example of the aforementioned report, the President's handling of the issue of the violation of sanctions and the names that had seen the light of day, where, among others, Nikos Christodoulidis announced measures such as the establishment of a supervisory authority. “There was resistance, for example, to the photovoltaic plan for everyone”, he added and repeated that “when we change things, it is natural that the old resists”.

Asked if the Government is ready to “break eggs”, Viktoros Papadopoulos replied: “He has proven it. And another example is Akamas”. The director of the Press Office of the President of the Republic also clarified what the President of the Republic meant by his reference to “sirens”. “Populism and easy solutions are sirens. We should not get caught up in them”, underlined Mr. Papadopoulos.

ΕπιχεΙρηση «orρε μα νερa» απo κυβερνoντες

reshuffle of the Council of Ministers and the selection of new government officials.

Speaking on the Alpha News show, he repeated that he was informed of the reshuffle on Monday morning and that since last February President Christodoulidis had in his hands a list of names from EDEK, “for persons who could be used for positions in the government structure ».

“Then, in his wisdom, the President decided to appoint Maria Panagiotou to the position of Environment Commissioner. Now, we weren't asked to name names and  participate in the process of transformation. We have accepted the decisions of the President of the Republic, if we do not stand in the procedural”.

Asked if he is bothered by the actions of Nikos Christodoulidis, Marinos Sizopoulos replied that they are secondary and unimportant and that we will “have to see the essentials”.

“We have mutual information on various issues with the President, we have meetings, we have discussions. The decisions are his. These things don't bother me, I stand by the essence and the most important thing for us is to make a substantial contribution.” it means that we have to have him guided and we have to define the lines.” He also commented on the “siren” reports. “He didn't target anybody. There is always both good and bad criticism about ’ this said that they should seek benevolent criticism in order for it to be constructive”.

Source: www.philenews.com

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