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Osaci: We take sanctions from Nicosia as unfriendly

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& nbsp & nbspXenia Turki & nbsp; & nbsp;

Until February 24, Russia had stated that it would not invade Ukraine. Three weeks of fierce fighting, bombing and attacks have passed since then. Despite the global outcry that has erupted, Moscow is defending its decision, stressing that it has no intention of conquering Ukraine, but will leave as soon as it achieves the goals of its military operation. As the Russian ambassador to Nicosia, Stanislav Osaci, pointed out in an interview with “F”, his country's concerns and red lines had to be taken into account, something that never happened. & Nbsp;

< p>However, it seems that the Ukrainian will be a catalyst when the military operations end. Moscow is recording the behavior of each country and everything will be taken into account, as Stanislav Osaci warned. “Then we will take into account the development of our bilateral relations, as well as those measures that Nicosia will take in relation to our country,” he added.

The sanctions imposed on Moscow are causing huge problems. Russia considers them unfair and stresses that it perceives them as an unfriendly act. Although the Russian ambassador emphasizes that his country's stance on the Cyprus issue remains the same, he warned that the line followed by the EU and aimed at demonizing Russia is against the interests of Cyprus and is destructive for the economic, spiritual and cultural relations between the two countries, which, he said, have existed for centuries.

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However, Stanislav Osaci does not see any similarity between the Turkish allegations that the Turkish invasion in 1974 was made to protect the Turkish Cypriots, and the Russian excuse that he started military operations to protect the Russian-speaking people of Ukraine. “What happened in Cyprus in 1974 was the occupation of part of the territory of another country with the invention of an occasion. “Our troops will leave the territory of Ukraine immediately after the completion of the operation,” he added.

Has Russia's policy towards Cyprus changed? This is what some say after Sergei Lavrov's statement on “TRNC”.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has not made any “statement” regarding the “TRNC”. On February 21, 2022, during a meeting of the Security Council of Russia, he stated to the President of our country that the Kiev authorities for eight years did not implement any of the key points of the Minsk Agreements, nor entered into a dialogue with their own of citizens living in southeastern Ukraine. In relation to the above, he cited as an example a number of countries and conflicts, where such a dialogue is taking place, among which he included the “TRNC”. You must agree that such a reference could in no way be interpreted as recognizing anyone or that it goes beyond the framework of international agreements in relation to the settlement of the Cyprus problem.

-How does Moscow deal with Nicosia's approach to the Ukrainian crisis?

-We closely monitor all the steps and actions taken by the leadership of Cyprus as a member of the European Union. At this stage we perceive the sanctions, supported by Nicosia in solidarity with Brussels, as unfriendly. The line that is followed and aims at the demonization of Russia and which has been imposed from the other side of the ocean, we consider to be contrary to the interests of Cyprus and is destructive to our economic, spiritual and cultural relations, which have existed for centuries. Our stance on the Cyprus issue remains unchanged. Nor do we plan to recognize any new forms that are inconsistent with or deviate from the framework set by the UN Security Council Resolutions on Cyprus. Then we will take into account the development of our bilateral relations, as well as those measures that Nicosia will take in relation to our country. For our part, we will try to maintain those good relations, which were previously formed. We hope that official Nicosia will respond in a similar way.

-Turkey invaded Cyprus in 1974 to protect, as he said, the Turkish Cypriots. Today, your country is conducting military operations in Ukraine to protect, as it says, the Russian-speakers there. Do you see any similarities?

No, there is not the slightest resemblance between the situation in Ukraine and the events of 1974 in Cyprus. In those years, as now, Cyprus was not the slightest threat to Turkey. Neither militarily nor in any other way.

In recent years, however, Ukraine has been deliberately and actively preparing for a military confrontation with Russia. Starting in 2014, the United States invested $ 2.5 billion in the militarization of Ukraine.

And in the last months of last year at an accelerating pace we are all witnessing a constant supply of this country with hundreds of tons of lethal equipment. Hundreds of American, British and Canadian military instructors worked in camps in western Ukraine openly and unhidden. More than 22.5 thousand Ukrainian soldiers have been trained in these camps. American laboratories for processing and manufacturing of biological weapons have been built and are operating in the territory of Ukraine. Not to mention the demands of the President, Volodymyr Zelensky, for the return to his country, of the nuclear power regime.

But most important of all is the rebirth of extreme nationalism before the eyes of the whole of Europe. Did something similar happen in Cyprus in the 1970s? Beyond that we have no intention of changing the national, religious and linguistic composition of these regions and territories. What happened in Cyprus in 1974 was the occupation of part of the territory of another country with the invention of an occasion. The troops of our country will leave the territory of Ukraine immediately after the completion of the operation for its demilitarization and de-Nazification. This has been officially stated by the leadership of our country. So how could the two cases be compared?

-Russia has repeatedly expressed its concerns about NATO enlargement. Unfortunately, the United States has not heeded Russia's concerns. But is this a reason for an invasion, for so much pain, for so many civilians to die?

– We did not just express our concern. We believe that the proximity of NATO structures to our borders is a direct and obvious threat to our national security. We have learned very well from the lessons of history and fully understand the so-called “defensive” character of the North Atlantic Alliance with the examples of Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq and Syria.

We have been patiently and persistently trying to talk about all this with all the world leaders. And we did everything at all levels to explain to us the unacceptable turning of Ukraine into a base for hostile actions against Russia. We talked several times about our red lines and the unexpected “military-technical” response on our part. Which of the Western leaders listened to our positions? No one. Reacting to our worries, they laughed and reacted playfully and “threw” our “worries” in the trash, as recently stated by the President of our country.

In January of this year, the entire Western press imposed a hysteria over the gathering of Russian troops around the border with Ukraine. But no one paid attention or rather did not want to pay attention to the 130 thousand Ukrainian soldiers, who gathered on the border of Donetsk and Luhansk. How were we to react to these events as a whole? Can we wait to be attacked?

Turkey will find a balance of interests

– Do you agree with the view that the crisis in NATO relations with will Russia try the balancing policy that Turkey seeks to maintain? What does the new reality of Russia mean for Turkey?

-For how Turkey should behave in the face of new realities, you should ask Turkey itself. Our country maintains mutual trade and economic relations with this country. We hope that, like other countries, Turkey will find a balance between its own national interests and its allied obligations to NATO and to the West in general. We hope that it will do the same with regard to its relations with Cyprus. & Nbsp;

Since we are talking about national interests, I would like to state our position on the current situation. We are absolutely convinced that Washington has been resolving and promoting its geopolitical goals in Ukraine since 2014 in order to maintain its global hegemony. In this context, Ukraine has been plunged into chaos by the bankrupt regime of Volodymyr Zelensky and has been used as a tool in the general US confrontation with Russia. And the countries that have been involved in the anti-Russian alliance are obliged to sacrifice their own national interests, in essence, playing on foreign terms in a foreign game and with a foreign scenario. Russia's drowning attempt is not going to succeed, but it could lead others to a humiliating defeat. In these circumstances, it would be good for our partners to reconsider, it is worthwhile to “break their heads”, following the Russophobic line of the US and trying, for example, Canada, to “run ahead even from the American train “? The gains from such behavior may be minimal, but relations with Russia will deteriorate substantially and irreparably.

Tragedy human losses

The fact that the Russians and the Ukrainians are one people is the absolute truth. But this does not mean that we consider “ours” the nationalists and neo-Nazis of all kinds, who have appeared in recent years in Ukraine. We are not going to turn a blind eye to the fact that Ukraine is becoming a stronghold of primitive chauvinism and unbridled fascism in central Europe. And this is done with the approval of the so-called “civilized” Europe. Where were all these human rights defenders, the OSCE, the democratic European institutions and institutes, when for so many years at the state level they banned the Russian language, which is spoken by more than half of the population of Ukraine? Where was the whole “independent” press and the media, when openly, openly and publicly pro-Russian journalists and politicians were murdered, when large Russian-language TV channels were banned and closed, when in the streets of Kiev they spent the night and with fascist symbols, reminiscent of pre-Nazi Germany, when the avenues and squares of Ukrainian cities were renamed in honor of war criminals convicted by international military tribunals? And all this is not fake or “Kremlin propaganda”. All of this happened and was broadcast live over eight endless years, in front of the eyes of those who now shout most in favor of human rights.

-But the losses continue to be great .

-Yes, it is a fact that there are victims on both sides. And this is a great human tragedy and first of all for ourselves. But in this fight with the “black plague” we do everything so that these victims are as few as possible. We do not indiscriminately bomb cities, residential areas and targets of social structures. We do not do what others did and are doing, leveling entire cities and villages. It is for this reason and not for any other reason, that the military operation did not last 2-3 days, but has been going on for three weeks. We do not respond to the challenges of the so-called “nationalist battalions”, which place tanks and heavy weapons in densely populated neighborhoods, causing our troops to strike at civilians. We did not do it, nor will we do it. They seem to like to imitate the extremist Islamist terrorists in Syria and Iraq. We organize humanitarian corridors for the exit of “our” people and not the neo-Nazis. And I repeat once again, after the completion of the operation for the demilitarization of Ukraine and the extermination of the neo-Nazi camps in the center of Europe, all Russian troops will leave the territory of Ukraine.

Taking the opportunity offer me I would like to refer to the information background around this business. The Western media, including the Cypriot media, is full of disgusting scenes of war and suffering plaguing the civilian population. The fact that an unprecedented communication war is being waged against Russia is an obvious and indisputable fact. As well as that in this war the West and primarily the US use their popular method of fake news and misinformation. This is what the experience of Iraq, Syria and Yugoslavia teaches us. I'm sure we will soon find out the truth about who and what was actually destroying.

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