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Out Now: Famous Cypriot Marries the Chosen One of His Heart (Exclusive/Video)

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    Εσκασε τωρα: Γνω&sigma ;τός Κύπριος παντρεύεται την εκλ&epsilon ;κτor της καρδις του (Αποκλειστ&iota ;κο/ΒΙντεο)

    What it reveals to us for the first time

    One of the most the well-known stand-up comedian and content creator seems to be going through beautiful periods in their personal lives.

    The reason for Zacharias Zannetou< /strong> who became more widely known through the online platform TikTok and is now preparing to climb the steps of the church.

    He was a guest on the ShowBiz podcast, “Winter Is Back” with the journalist Charalambos Heimonas and revealed all the details.

    “Now we are preparing the wedding us. I'm getting married in June. We've been together for three years,” he initially said and then revealed how he met his beloved, Marina.

    “I met Despina six to seven months after I started uploading videos on TikTok. Back then, my catchphrase “Let's go well?” was very popular. Marina is a teacher and her students kept telling her my line. […] In fact, the whole class started sending me videos with “Let's go well?”. I was also sending them and that's how we started talking with Marina and realized that we have a lot in common”, revealed Zacharias Zannetou.

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    Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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