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Outrage in Italy over ad showing nuns eating potato chips – Accused of blasphemy

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Σαλος στην Ιτ&alpha ;λλα με διαφorμιση που δελχνει καλό&gamma ;ριες να τρoνε πατατακια – Τις κα&tau

Catholic viewers react

An ad in Italy which shows< strong> nuns eating crisps in a convent, with Catholic viewers talking about blasphemy.

The 30-second ad for Amica Chips takes place in a convent and opens with nuns preparing to receive Holy Communion to the sound of “Ave Maria” in the foreground. The nuns head towards the priest and, as the former receives Holy Communion, a chewing sound is heard and shows the abbess enjoying the company's chips, as reported by the “Guardian”.

The company that created the ad said the campaign was aimed at a younger audience “with a strong British irony and wanted to showcase the crisp taste of Amica Chips in an exaggerated way”.

A Catholic viewers' organization called for the ad to be suspended immediately with its president, Giovanni Banzio, accusing the chip company of co-opting blasphemy to boost sales. He stressed that the ad “offends a million Catholics and that it was provocative because it mimics the comparison between potato chips and Holy Communion”.

“The ad shows a lack of respect and creativity,” Banzio added in an announcement. “It's a sign of an inability to do proper marketing, without the creators resorting to symbols that have nothing to do with consumption and commerce,” he concluded.

The advertisement was also criticized by the Catholic newspaper, “Avvenire”, which in a related article states: “The Christ turned into potato chips. Marginalized and slandered like two thousand years ago”.

source: newsbeast.gr

Source: 24h.com.cy

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