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Over 17,000 runners and great performances in the OPAP Limassol Marathon

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Thousands of runners – 3,000 from abroad – ran in the six routes of the event

The OPAP Limassol Marathon, which took place on the two days of April 13 and 14, 2024, was completed with a world-wide Cypriot record of participation in the Marathon course (800 runners) and excellent performances. This year, again, thousands of runners were welcomed by the largest sports event in Cyprus. A top sporting event with a great philanthropic and social dimension!

After the Primetel Corporate Race 5KM and Andrey & Julia Dashin's Foundation Youth Race that took place on Saturday, this Sunday (14/04) the four races took place: the 42 km Marathon Race, the 21 km Muskita Half Marathon Race, the Petrolina Energy Race 10 km and the RemAthlon Individual Road 5 km. In total, over 17,000 runners ran over the six two-day routes, 3,000 of which came from abroad (double the number compared to last year) from 75 different countries.

Πàνω απo 17,000 δρομεσ κισοδεσεον ΑΠΜαραθνιομεσο

Israel's Yossi Gross finished first in the OPAP Men's Marathon with a time of 02:46:04, followed by his compatriot Yossi Geta (02:49:13) and Cypriot Nikolas Georgiou (02:50:58). In the OPAP Women's Marathon, Sophie Rousar from Gaul finished first with a time of 03:29:50, followed by Ioanna Tsokkou from Cyprus (03:30:19) and Karolina Borowska from Poland (03:31:07).

The race was broadcast live on ANT1 television and radio.

The Municipality of Limassol, ETAL and EVEL were the co-organizers of the OPAP Limassol Marathon, which this year was dedicated to Stelios Kyriakides.

From the Deputy Minister of Tourism

The start of the Marathon road was given by the Deputy Minister of Tourism Kostas Koumis, of the Muskita Half-marathon road by the Mayor of Limassol Nikos Nicolaidis, while in the Petrolina Energy Road 10 km the start was made by the President of KOEAS Pericles Markaris and in the RemAthlon Atomic Road 5 km by the Director by RemAthlon Vijay Zucci.

“For us it is an extremely important event. All the sports events that are organized in our country, either in the summer or in the rest of the months, are very beneficial and we are particularly pleased to see such events grow every year. I was informed that we have participants from 75 countries, it is an element that puts Cyprus on the world map of these events. As the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, we will stand by the organizers so that the Limassol Marathon can grow even more,” said the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Kostas Koumis.

Πàνω απo 17,000 δρομεσ κισοδεσεον ΑΠΜαραθνιομεσο

“One of the most popular Marathons internationally”

The chairman of the Board of Directors of the OPAP Limassol Marathon, Spyros Spyrou, referred to the huge success of the event: “The massive presence of people in the largest sports event in Cyprus makes us especially happy, but at the same time it creates a higher sense of responsibility for the continuation. We are also proud of the social contribution of the organization, after all, it was our goal for the OPAP Limassol Marathon to be a celebration of contribution. This year, for the first time, 5,000 runners are taking part in the 4 races, while a record number of 800 runners took part in the Marathon course. We have runners from all over the world, from Sweden to Patagonia and from Tokyo to San Francisco. Runners from abroad have doubled and this shows that the OPAP Limassol Marathon is recognized as one of the most popular Marathons internationally. Warm thanks to our co-organizers, the Municipality of Limassol, ETAL and EBEL, the City Authorities, our sponsors and above all to all the volunteers.”

“OPAP Cyprus has identified with Marathon”

“OPAP Cyprus has been proudly on the side of the Limassol Marathon since 2016. It is no coincidence that for so many years the company OPAP has been identified like no other with the Marathon road both in Cyprus and in Greece. Apart from being perhaps the top event, the historical approach of the Marathon road favors the emergence of strong symbolisms that allow us to feel good about our participation. With health, culture, education, society and sports as key points on our route, we are running with the local people for the best today and the most optimistic tomorrow”, noted Alexandros Davos.

Πàνω απo 17,000 δρομεσ κισοδεσεον ΑΠΜαραθνιομεσο

The multifaceted support of Muskita

Muskita, a constant companion of the OPAP Limassol Marathon, sponsored the Half-Marathon Road again this year. The company's marketing manager, Anna Muski, commented on Muskita's multi-faceted support for the event: “We are proud supporters of the Marathon and for another year, nominal sponsors of the Half-Marathon. We are happy to participate in this celebration and above all to leave our environmental footprint through the Go Blue action which has now become an institution”. 

“Petrolina supports practice sports'

Pertolina supported the 10KM Energy Road again this year, with the Executive Chairman of Petrolina Holdings Public Ltd Kostakis Lefkaritis stating: “Within the context of corporate social responsibility, a field in which Petrolina has been a pioneer for years, Petrolina supports the Marathon again this year of Limassol. As Limassol develops, so does its Marathon and we see more and more entries. All those who support such events are to be congratulated. Petrolina has been actively supporting sports for years and we do so with great joy, because we know the benefits that sports offers to all of us”.

Atomiko Dromo is sponsored by strong>RemAthlon

RemAthlon was for the first time this year a sponsor of the 5 km Individual Road, with the Director of the Remedica Cypriot market Andreas Hatzipanagis emphasizing: “We are happy about this new collaboration. As Remedica we are always next to the athletes, because health is above all. And here at the Marathon, in addition to nominal sponsors of the 5km, we have large stands with many physiotherapists who offer their services to the runners after their grueling course.”

Πàνω απo 17,000 δρομεσ κισοδεσεον ΑΠΜαραθνιομεσο

Social offering

From the first moment, the OPAP Limassol Marathon has been intertwined with the charity action and the support of the society as a whole. In recent years alone, the runners and sponsors of the event, through the givengain.com platform, have supported more than 50 charities through the event, collecting over 250 thousand euros in contributions.

At the same time, the successful public benefit action “You Run!” continued this year. We Donate”, with GDEV supporting the Limassol Social Grocery. In this context, the company will offer the Social Grocery €1 for each runner – out of the thousands who ran again in Limassol – who crossed the finish line during the individual races of the Marathon.

The winners of the routes

OPAP Men's Marathon

1. Yossi Gross (Israel)           02:46:04

2. Yossi Geta (Israel)           02:49:13

3. Nikolas Georgiou (Cyprus)           02:50:58  

OPAP Women's Marathon

1. Sophie Roussard (France)        03:29:50

2. Ioanna Tsokkou (Cyprus) 03:30:19

3. Karolina Borowska (Poland)  03:31:07

Muskita Men's Half-Marathon

1. Grigory Antipov (Russia) 01:07:49

2. Alexander Rogoten (Russia)           01:11:08

3. Vladimir Skeblikin (Russia) 01:13:44 Muskita Women's Half Marathon1. Thalia Charalambous (Cyprus) 01:18:52

2. Svitlana Korombkina (Russia)       01:22:22

3. Anastasia Ambrosimova (Russia) 01:24:35

Petrolina Energy Race 10 km Men strong>

1. Suleiman Ajayi (Cyprus)  00:31:54

2. Alexey Kalistratov (Malta)        00:32:30

3. Arby Shlala (Israel) 00:33:05 Petrolina Energy Race 10 km Women strong>

1. Maria Maliseva (Russia) 00:39:00

2. Dagmara Handzlik (Cyprus) 00:40:05

3. Emilia Milanovic (Serbia)           00:40:43

RemAthlon Men's 5km Individual Road

1. Giorgos Tofi (Cyprus)      00:15:53

2. Ennis Altsis (Cyprus) 00:16:44

3. Avraam Avraamis (Cyprus) 00:16:47

RemAthlon Women's 5 km Individual Road

1. Mona Lisa Camilleri (Malta)        00:19:04

2. Alexandra Kalistratova (Russia) 00:19:23

3. Stella Christoforou (Cyprus)      00:19:45

For more information:  www.limassolmarathon.com

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