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Over 500,000 voters at the ballot box – These are the smallest polling stations

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Πàνω απo 500 χιλ ψ&eta ;φοφόροι στην καλπη- Αυτα εΙναι τα &mu

Cypriot citizens choose their chosen one among the record number of 14 candidates for the Presidency of the Republic.

Opening time of the races is 7 am, with a one-hour break at 12 noon. Closing of the polls at 6:00 pm. The electorate consists of 561 thousand 273 voters while 1,148 polling stations were mobilized.


Nicosia      415           215,779
Limassol        323         154,778
Larnaca       185           95,517
Paphos         133               51,990
Famagusta   57           32,623
External       35              10,346

Those trapped vote by presenting any official document of the Republic that bears their photo.

Office of the Commissioner of the Presidency

1) Voters of Kyrenia district – Election center Uniary Lykeio Kykkou B&rsquo ;, Center Z’ Nicosia.

2) Electors of Famagusta district  – polling center of the Acheritos Primary School, Center C’.

The first results are expected from the polling centers with the fewest voters, among which are:

Livadia in Nicosia with 68 voters

Melini in Larnaca with 85 voters

Paleomilos in Limassol with 48 voters

Fasoula in Paphos with 51 voters

«The final result is expected  at the latest at 8:30 in the evening the ministry's system is connected to make a signal in live time to the TV stations so that with the registration of the result the results given outside are refreshed» said the Assistant Commissioner of Presidential Elections Menelaos Vassiliou.  

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The process of counting votes takes place on site at the polling stations, with the closing of the polls.

"The chairman of the election in the presence of the representatives of the candidates proceeds to count the votes and the gender is sent from the polling centers to the secretariats where the results are entered into the computerized system" completed Mr. Vassiliou.

The immutable and the invalid

The absence of curtains in the chambers, due to the pandemic, brought changes to the layout of the space, so that preserve the secrecy of the vote.

"The ballots, the voting booths due to the pandemic do not have a curtain so that they do not come into contact with it, they are voters, but they are placed facing the opening towards the wall so that the election is not visible while voting the ballot, the way you have been told is so that the vote is inwards» explained Mr. Vassiliou. 

The ballot is considered invalid when a pen of a color other than blue and black is used.

Special arrangements were made for the cases of coronavirus, which were given exceptional possibility of movement to the polling stations.

The blind or physically handicapped were given the right to vote themselves by notifying the presiding officer that they were able to do so.

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It was also possible to provide assistance from the president in the exercise of their right to vote,  in the presence of one of the assistant employees of the election center, as well as any other person chosen by the person.

  The election campaign ended at 12 midnight on Friday.

Public gatherings were therefore prohibited,  the organization of speeches, the posting  billboards and the publication of poll results.



Source: www.sigmalive.com

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