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Over 80 million complaints worldwide in 2022 of child sexual abuse

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In 2022, there were 87 million reports of child sexual abuse material distributed worldwide, according to Hope For Children, which on the occasion of the children's holiday gives tips and countermeasures/prevention methods to parents for safe internet browsing.

As it is reported, since it is now summer and schools are closed, children's free time has greatly increased and may be used on the internet and social media.

It is noted that an important issue that seems to be taking on large dimensions in recent years is also related to the dissemination of child sexual abuse material where, for example, nude photos of children are trafficked. “To understand the extent this matter has taken, the numbers indicate that in 2004 we had around 450,000 such cases worldwide, while in 2022 we had 87 million,” it states.

At the same time, it is added that in recent surveys (2017-2022) in America, about 40% of children answered that they have been approached by someone who they had the impression was approaching them online to become friends in order to take advantage of them.

< p data-block-key="bvhbj">It is also noted that in 2022, CyberTipline received more than 32 million reports of online fraud and luring where more than 31.8 million of these were for cases of child sexual abuse material detected by the systems of online service providers.

It is pointed out that in addition to the sexual abuse and exploitation of children on the Internet, there are other forms of danger lurking on the Internet such as cyberbullying and unrealistic role models that can cause confusion and pressure on children, as they may try to imitate these ideals or the images they see.

Admonishing parents, Hope For Children notes “set clear boundaries and rules. Define rules of safety and protection on the internet together. their children to recognize potential dangers. 

Parents should ensure the child's safety and keep the communication channel open, it added.

It is reported that the psychological support services of the Hope For Children Organization, as well as the National Helpline of Hope For Children 1466, are also addressed to children facing violence and bullying via the Internet, while similar guidance and educational seminars are provided to parents and guardians .

Source: reporter.com.cy

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