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Overcrowded fish restaurants on Clean Monday – How much did the meze cost and how does the price vary

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Υπερπλorρεισ &omicron ;ι ψαροταβΕρνες την Καθαρα Δευτ ρα – Πoσο πorγε ο μεζeς και πoς διαφο&rho οποιεΙται η τιμor

There was a great turnout of people at the fish taverns and at the leisure centers for the custom of Clean Monday, according to the statements of the General Secretary of PASSIKA to ThemaOnline, Fanos Leventis.

“Reservations were in very high levels initially for the fish taverns and then for other taverns which adapted to the day's conditions and included in their menu dishes from Clean Monday”, he said specifically.

“The weather increased the demand even more and even more people showed interest and proceeded to make reservations. The venues were overcrowded, especially in the coastal areas. But there were also people who chose to spend their day in the capital and in the fields and fields as is customary on this day,” he added.

“Minor problems occurred in some areas, according to Mr. Leventis, due to the severe weather conditions which also had an outdoor area. The important thing is that the rain did not start in all provinces at the same time, so they had time to react.

“The gratifying thing is that we receive congratulations from people for the professionalism shown by the businessmen and served so many people in difficult conditions with very high quality food and services”, he added.

Prices on Clean Monday

As far as the prices are concerned, the General Secretary of PASSIKA, stated that “they had not increased, but possibly had changed in the areas that were adjusted that day, without this meaning that they necessarily went towards the above'

“Determining the price depends a lot on the level of the space, on the quality of the food, on the services offered and also on the location,” he explained.

“Especially for seafood there is a range of qualities and prices, without this putting the issue of safety at any risk. For example, there are multi-level shrimp, there are multi-grade octopus, such as 10 euro per kilo octopus and 30 euro per kilo octopus. What differentiates the price is the quality, the size and not the safety”, he added.

Speaking about the price fluctuations this year, Mr. Leventis noted that “the price of fish snacks starts from 22 euro and rising upwards. The final price, however, also depends on the drinks, especially the alcoholic ones, that we will consume. For example, a family consisting of two adults and 4 children, the per capita expenditure will be lower than a party consisting of six adults who will consume wine and other spirits in which the prices have risen”

Concluding, he pointed out that “for the entrepreneurs Clean Monday was a stimulating injection”

“Traffic does not change, but the frequency of visits changes, which clearly has to do with their accuracy and purchasing power. There is optimism for the next three days as well, even though many of our compatriots are taking advantage of some packages for trips abroad”, he concluded.


Source: 24h.com.cy

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