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OXS is looking for its own manager for the NIS

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OXS is looking for its own manager for the NIS

The announcement of the second phase of the tender for the management of Non-Performing Loans (NPLs) will be made by the Housing Finance Agency (HFS), as soon as the budget already approved by the Parliament for 2021 is published in the official newspaper of the Republic.

In a statement, the General Manager of OXS Andreas Georgiou said that with the publication of the budget, “the organization will proceed immediately with the announcement of the second phase of the tender for the management of MES by a specialized loan platform manager who has knowledge. and experiences that the MSF lacks, in particular as regards the sale procedures as well as the exchange of real estate loans “.

“This does not mean that the manager will not deal with loan restructuring proposals within the framework of the agency's policies”, he underlined, noting that “the platform will also deal with proposals for sustainable restructuring which, if accepted by the borrowers, will be forwarded to the agency for implementation “.

At the same time, the OHS DG expressed the assessment that the administrator / platform will take over the project around the Summer or later in early September.

Special plan “Iraklis” for borrowers with MES

Mentioning that the vast majority of loans are mortgages and mainly loans secured by a first home, Mr. Georgiou told KYPE that “because the organization wants to provide one last chance to borrowers, who are permanently absent from the funds of the organization and have MES with securing first home, we have decided to offer the special plan “Hercules” for borrowers who took out loans until March 2013 and on December 31, 2020 their balance was over 50,000 euros and had delays of more than 360 days “.

“Since the house that was financed is the main residence of the borrowers for the last three years, we want to give an opportunity by writing off a significant part of the interest from the beginning of the loan until the end of 2020, or for full repayment of the loan “or for a sustainable restructuring of the loan so that we avoid the referral of the loan to the platform, which in its terms of reference will also have the sales”, he clarified.

The OHS DG called on the borrowers to take advantage of the “Hercules” project, “especially the borrowers who met the criteria of the ESTIA Plan and for a number of reasons did not come to apply to join the ESTIA”.

At the same time, Mr. Georgiou invited borrowers who did not meet the criteria of ESTIA, but whose loan has secured their main residence, to apply for “Iraklis”.

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