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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Oz Karahan denounces Turkey's interference in the European elections: “It prevents the participation of the Turks”

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    Through Germany, Turkey is trying to make it difficult for Turkey to participate, complains the candidate MEP of the Environmentalists.

    In today's statement, MEP candidate Oz Karahan denounces Turkey's interference in the European elections, leaving spikes against AKEL's MEP candidate, Niazi Kizilyurek.

    This is the statement of MEP candidate Mr. Oz Karahan: < /p>

    «The following is a statement by the MEP candidate Mr. Oz Karahan, president of the Movement “Union of Cypriots” in relation to the information concerning the intervention of Turkey in order to prevent the participation of Turkish Cypriots in the European elections:

    “During the European Elections of 9 June 2024, Special Election Centers have been designated near the roadblocks to facilitate the Turkish-speaking Cypriots living in the occupied territories to vote.< /p>

    Some time ago, AKEL MEP candidate Niazi Kizilyurek announced that they had approached the German Embassy in Cyprus and the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Cyprus and received a positive response to make the Goethe Institute, which is located next to Ledra Palace, one of these Special Election Centers.

    However, according to our information, contrary to what the AKEL MEP candidate announced, Turkish-speaking Cypriots will not be able to vote at the Institute Go to the Ledra Palace area. The reason is that this decision was abandoned as a result of the negotiations between Turkey and Germany.

    Why did the aforementioned party and its candidate, while knowing these developments for a long time, choose to hide them from all Cypriots?

    Could this be because of the assurances they had from the regime (eventually from Turkey) that they would be allowed to propagate freely in the occupied territories? For months now, the AKEL MEP candidate has been propagandizing in the occupied territories that “the Republic of Cyprus has usurped the rights of the Turkish-speaking Cypriots”. We, on the other hand, are trying to warn and enlighten Cypriots against this divisive propaganda… With these moves, Turkey aims not only to drive a wedge between the Turkish-speaking Cypriots and the state that legally represents them, namely the Republic of Cyprus, but also to reduce the number of citizens who vote.

    At the same time, Germany, which ignores its own so-called values ​​at every opportunity and dominates the European Union, has shown once again that it only defends democracy as long as it does not conflict with its own interests.

    As Cypriots, we are under attack from all sides against our democratic unity on our own soil, in a single constituency, with a single electoral roll and a single ballot… This attack is carried out by the occupiers, some foreign states and the “bi-communal” circles supported by them.

    All these situations underline the importance of our cooperation as a Union of Cypriots with the Environmental Movement – Citizens' Cooperation and the AECHMI Movement, to fight in the European Parliament, for the liberation of Cyprus and against the hypocrisy of the states that dominate the European Union.

    I invite all voters to support the candidates of the Environmental Movement – Cooperation of Citizens who will give a real fight in Europe to strengthen the democratic unity of Cypriots against the occupation”

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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