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Padlock in time of noticeable tourist traffic

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Padlock in time of noticeable tourist traffic

Pampos Vassilas

Sadness and frustration prevail in free Famagusta, as the most touristic province is preparing to put a lock on its hotel industry, while its tourist traffic remains at a fairly good level. Such, that according to hoteliers and tourism entrepreneurs, could easily extend the tourist season until the end of the month, or even mid-December.

However, according to the conclusions that emerge from exclusive statements of the provincial president of PASYXE, Doros Ttaka, unfortunately no incentives were given to foreign travel agents and so by the middle of the month, holiday packages for Ayia Napa and Protaras end both main tourist resorts of the place, put about padlock.

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He expressed sadness “because we are referring not only to businessmen and hoteliers, but also to thousands of people who are out of work and will be forced to resort to unemployment benefits.” Mr. Ttakas added that based on PASYXE Famagusta calculations, unfortunately by November 15, “90% of the hotels and tourist accommodation in Protaras and Ayia Napa will have closed, ie more than 180 companies. “Which employ an average of 80 people each, who, having no other choice, will resort to unemployment, inevitably burdening state coffers.” If incentives were given to travel agents, ie a small subsidy of a few euros e.g. for any tourists who could comfortably transport to the island by the end of the month, this cost would be much lower than the cost of the unemployment benefit to be disbursed from state coffers to be paid to the unemployed beneficiaries, he stressed.

According to information from “F”, the issue that arises with the early lockout in the tourism industry of free Famagusta, is intensely discussed in recent days among hoteliers, businessmen, but also ordinary workers in the tourism industry. As, after a very good October in tourist arrivals in Cyprus, which preceded, everyone is convinced that this year offered a golden opportunity to extend the tourist season, with great economic benefits for the place. Instead, however, the government chose to end the tourist season prematurely, which, according to protesters, began with a delay due to coronavirus measures in Cyprus and other countries.

Following are companies from the whole range of tourism

Hoteliers point out, at the same time, that the closure of hotels that has already begun and will be completed by the middle of the month, will be followed by the closure of dozens of tourism businesses in the food, entertainment and various other stores in Protaras – Paralimni, Ayia Napa and perhaps and other areas in free Famagusta. As a result, there is a wave of unemployed in this case, who could have remained at work until the end of November or mid-December.

Through a short trip of “F” to Ayia Napa and Protaras, we found out yesterday that Russian and British tourists are still making their presence felt and nothing predicts that everything will be dead in the area in about ten days.

Even in this deserted area where the Caves of the Kings are located in Cape Greco, there was a presence of Russian and British tourists yesterday at noon, reminiscent of the months of July and August.

Source: www.philenews.com

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