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“Pafos will be in the Triple-A – Rumors about withdrawals are dishonest”

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«Στο Τριπρσ&omega ;πο θα εΙναι ο ΠΑφου - AνΕντιμες οι φorμ ες για αποσyρσεις»

The theologian Theodoros Kyriakou spoke on the Front Page about the pre-election processes ahead of the Archbishop elections.

He initially stated that today the Holy Synod will consider the procedural issues and whether it will have time to hold the Archbishop elections. "Nothing has been circulated about postponing the elections", he said.

He added that there are rumors about the withdrawal of the Metropolitan of Kyrenia and he was forced to issue a statement to clarify that he is not withdrawing. "The same rumors existed about Constantias Vasilei. It is dishonest to circulate these rumours.

Speaking about the possibility of premiums, he said that no one knows what the percentage of the premium should be. "It was heard that Limassol Athanasios will reward Morphou Neophytos. Where do the executives know the percentage of the premium to get the Metropolitan of Paphos out?&raquo? He pointed out that if this is done then another black page will open for the Church.

Mr. Kyriakou mentioned that the Archbishop elections stole the interest from the Presidential elections. "We expected to see stronger blows below the waist, but to the credit of all High Priests we have not.

Speaking about the Triperson, he mentioned that the third of the group will be the Metropolitan of Paphos. "He has a lot of momentum in his province and started to become more recognizable because he is a Watcher". He emphasized that he will also take from Athienou, where he comes from, but also from other provinces. "As an Observer he does well without creating tensions".

He added that the Metropolitan of Limassol starts much ahead of the others due to the dynamics of his district. “Athanasios prevails in areas where a political party that fought him prevails”. He also said that Metropolitan Tamasos gathers the largest percentage outside his Metropolis. 

He explained that the votes of the Russians of Limassol will go to Athanasios and a smaller percentage to Isaiah. "The Ukrainian issue has played a role. I believe that 35%-40% will vote.

Mr. Kyriakou then spoke about the gender change debate, noting that the participation of the Church in the dialogue is necessary. "Those who react must be more careful because in all parties there are people who are very loyal. It's not easy to take a stand». 

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