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Pakistan: Two baby white tigers die at zoo possibly by covid-19

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Pakistan: Two baby white tigers die at zoo possibly by covid-19

Two baby white tigers died at a Pakistani zoo last month possibly from covid-19, officials said.

The 11-week-old tigers died at the Lahore Zoo on January 30, four days after they began treatment as authorities believed they had been infected with feline panleukopenia, a disease common in Pakistan and affects the feline immune system.

However, after an autopsy, it was found that the tigers' lungs had been severely damaged and that they were suffering from an infection, with the doctors concluding that they had died from covid-19.

Although no molecular test was performed to detect the coronavirus in the two animals, the zoo's deputy zoo director, Kiran Salim, said park officials estimated that the tigers were victims of a pandemic that has killed 12,256 people in Pakistan.

“After their deaths, the zoo management tested all the workers and six tested positive for the coronavirus, including the one that dealt with the little tigers,” Salim explained. “This reinforces the autopsy findings. The tigers were probably infected with the coronavirus by the employee who dealt with them and fed them “.

Animal rights activists often criticize Pakistan's zoos, claiming that hundreds of animals have died there due to poor living conditions.

“The last two little white tigers died at the Lahore Zoo and once again the negligence of the administration and the authorities came to light,” said Zufisan Anousai, founder of the JFK (Justice for Kiki) animal rescue and care center. “White tigers are extremely rare and need a special environment to live a healthy life. “If we continue to imprison them in unhealthy conditions without providing medical assistance, there will be other similar incidents,” he added.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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