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Pamporidis angry reaction: The “saviors” are competing for who will kill the GESS

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The former Minister of Health, George Pamporidis, reacted with rage and anger to what is revealed and concerns the operation of the GESS, and with his announcement he “shoots” against the “saviors of society” and complains that institutions that were supposed to guard this conquest focus on “Tree” and ostentatiously ignore the “forest”.

On the occasion of what was said yesterday, in the Parliament and the Audit Committee for abuses and not only in the GESS, George Pamporidis points out that he is watching, with disappointment, the new attempt of the “known saviors of society” to compete for who will kill the GESS once again. I also see, he continues, with great sadness, institutions that the state has placed as guardians and protectors of this great conquest of the people, focusing on the “tree” and ostentatiously ignoring the “forest”

In his written statement, Mr. Pamporidis indicates that, “the GESS is not numbers and cold accounting operations of dubious validity. GESS is the largest social benefit to the Cypriot citizen. It is the button of every one of our fellow citizens who suffers and is tormented by the timeless failure of the State to offer free quality health services, something that every European citizen has enjoyed for years. The GESS is the expression of social solidarity in a State where individualism is evolving into a scourge against the many and the weakest. “

The duty of all the organs of the State, the former minister continues, “is to have as a starting point of their every action, the concern and care for the strengthening of the GESS and not to look for reasons and excuses to undermine it. The problems are many but they were expected by all of us for his first years “.

He uploaded his statement on his personal twitter account.

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