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Pancyprian: Writing in Modern Greek is easier than the four-month exams, students said

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The first day of the Pancyprian Access Examinations 2022 went smoothly, with the candidates, who were examined today in the course of Modern Greek, presenting themselves satisfied with the topics of the examination essay.

As the Head of the Examination Service of the Ministry of Education, Dimitris Chandriotis, stated in KYPE, the first day of the Pancyprians went very smoothly, in the context of the arrangements that had been made for the organization of their conduct.

According to students who were examined in the Modern Greek course at the examination center of Makarios C 'Lyceum in Dasoupoli, their essay seemed passable, with understandable instructions on the questions they were asked to answer. In fact, some of them, considered that the essay was easier than the one in which they were examined in the course of Modern Greek in the four-month exams.

The subject of the unknown text to be understood in the exam essay, concerned the role of the teacher in the modern world. The subject of the report was the role of the teacher in “preserving human values, moral and spiritual, and reconnecting people's behavior with the core of these values, giving them the central project”, asking candidates to refer to These values ​​and the characteristics that the modern school and the teacher need to have in order to fulfill their role.

Excerpt from the work of Giannis Ritsos “The Lady of the Vineyards”. Source: KYPE

Source: politis.com.cy

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