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Pandora papers: Only the Lawyer investigates-The others whistle

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Pandora papers: Only the Lawyer investigates-The others whistle

Frixos Dalitis

The lack of oversight power over issues that may be related to tax evasion, money laundering and other similar issues related to aspects of financial crime was highlighted by yesterday's first discussion of the Pandora papers' revelations in the Parliamentary Institutions Committee.

From the positions of all the competent bodies, what finally emerged is that the only investigation that is currently in progress is that of the Pancyprian Bar Association and which concerns two law firms which are mentioned in the publications of the Pandora papers. These are the law firm “Nikos Anastasiadis DEPE”, for which the supervisory audit is in progress, and the law firm “Dimitrios A. Dimitriadis DEPE”, for which the audit has been completed, according to the President of the Bar Association, Christos Clergy.

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The representative of the Legal Service stated that she will wait for the report of the Pancyprian Bar Association. He stated that in order for the Legal Service to take action, it needs information and data. When asked about the report of Chr. Clerides said that a file may have been opened in the Legal Service for the Russian businessman Lebedev, as there had been previous allegations that he used Cyprus to flee $ 115 million, he said he would investigate as he does not know if it exists. There was a great discussion about the role of MOKAS, with Eva Papakyriakou stating that she does not have the responsibility to control offices, but to investigate and analyze suspicious transactions.

An investigation is also carried out by the Association of Chartered Accountants, for two audit firms which seem to be indirectly related to what is described in the publications.

The Presidency of the Republic forwarded its intention to attend the next session by letter to the chairman of the Committee on Institutions.


Source: www.philenews.com

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