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Panic for… Save that starts today

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Panic for… Save that starts today

The “portal” for submission of applications by interested parties for participation in the sponsorship plan, amounting to 30 million euros, “Save – Upgrade to Housing”, of the Ministry of Energy, which has already started to move the market at a critical time for the economy.

According to information from “F”, the electronic submission of applications will begin at 9 this morning, in the context of the official announcement of the plan, for which the relevant guide and other information have been announced for a long time. Applications will be accepted by individuals through the website https://fundingapps.mcit.gov.cy provided that there is a registration in the government web portal “Ariadne”. Individuals who have already registered and identified on the “Ariadne” portal are not required to repeat the process. The announcement of the plan from the beginning of the year by the Minister of Energy Natasa Pileidou aroused the interest of several citizens, while the publication of the relevant application guide that caused panic in the ministry, which, as we are informed, received hundreds of phone calls in recent days.

The interest in the project, which offers sponsorships for energy upgrading of existing homes, despite restrictions due to the pandemic, has caused great mobility and workload to dozens of ETEK members registered in the register of Specialized Experts of the Ministry of Energy. These experts are responsible for issuing an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), which should accompany the applications of individuals. According to our information, in fact, small and large offices of mechanical machines, architects and other members of ETEK, which are registered in the relevant register of the Ministry. Energy, they had to work even on weekends in order to issue PEAs, with the aim of submitting applications from interested citizens, if possible within the current week. It is noted that, according to the plan, the applications should be accompanied by the existing RDP of a house and the proposed one, as it will be formed after the projects for energy upgrade.

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The project will, as mentioned, offer sponsorships for energy upgrading of existing homes, with the aim of converting older energy-intensive buildings into high-energy buildings. In Cyprus, the potential for energy savings is huge, as 91% of all buildings in our country were built before the introduction of minimum energy efficiency requirements.

Under the “Save – Upgrade to Housing” plan, the sponsorship rate will be 60% of the total eligible budget, while for vulnerable consumers the rate will increase to 80%. The maximum amount of the sponsorship can range from 22 to 32 thousand euros, depending on the categories of investments. The plan covers, among other things, works for thermal insulation, for replacement of frames, for installation of shading systems, for installation or replacement of solar, photovoltaic, air conditioners, solar energy storage batteries, automation, etc. The residences for which the application will be submitted, must meet the following eligibility conditions:

1. To have an electricity supply account from the EAC with household pricing and this account belongs to a natural person.

2. The application for planning permission must have been submitted before 21 December 2007.

3. To be located in areas under the control of the Republic of Cyprus. Homes located in areas of the British Bases are not covered by this Plan.

4. The energy efficiency category of the house to be C or lower.

5. Not to have received a grant in the context of any invitation of the Plan “Save – Upgrade to Housing” of FP 2014-2020 or from the Fund of Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Saving for the same eligible costs.

Source: www.philenews.com

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