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Papadopoulos refers to a “alleged” PtD sermon (Video)

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Papadopoulos refers to a

“The President of the Republic with his monologue yesterday, which was presented as a sermon, chose to attack institutions and citizens, refusing to accept his most serious personal responsibilities and the responsibilities of his government, for the biggest scandal in the Republic of Cyprus”, he states in The announcement was made by the President of DIKO, Nikolas Papadopoulos, after yesterday's speech of the PD on the measures against corruption.

Mr. Papadopoulos adds:

President Anastasiadis, visibly irritated, insists on concealment, blaming everyone but himself.

Nikos Anastasiadis boldly blames the Parliament, because he did not control him satisfactorily and imagines conspiracy theories.

After Al-Jazeera, he considers that the independent Commission of Cyprus, the European Commission, INTOSAI, the European Attorney General's Office, the EU itself are conspiring against him.

Does he really think we coordinated all of them?

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The most amazing thing is that Nikos Anastasiadis, his own Ministers, are lying.

Not only did they not change the program “to fill gaps” as Mr. Anastasiadis claimed but on the contrary, in their statements before the research committee of Nikolatos, Messrs. Konstantinos Petridis, Socrates Hasikos and Haris Georgiadis are blaming each other for who more naturalization criteria, knowing and with the approval of himself and the Council of Ministers.

It is President Anastasiadis who is responsible for a number of irregular and illegal naturalizations.

It is President Anastasiadis who is responsible for the international broadcasting of Cyprus.

No monologue can refute this reality

In two and a half thousand words, Nikos Anastasiadis did not say the only word he had to say: Sorry

He did not apologize to the Cypriot people for the scandals, for the jets, for the international broadcasting of the country.

DIKO continues together with the society the struggle for control, transparency and cleansing. As much as the Anastasiadis-DISY government does not want it, as much as it is afraid, the truth will shine.

Source: www.philenews.com

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