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Papastavrou: “In the final, the most difficult thought was not whether we will win the cup or Europe”

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The president of Omonia, Stavros Papastavrou, was invited to the festive episode of the show Total Green on Tuesday night (31/5).

Read what he said & # 8230;

For his trip to the final and that it was worth it: “Definitely. The journey is long, because of Omonia I do a lot every year. Of course when we win, it is definitely more enjoyable especially when I come back. Fortunately, this trip, which was the most important of the year, the footballers and the technical team managed to get what they wanted and give us the cup “.

Does eating come with an appetite? “I do not know, from the beginning when we came to Omonia we had the appetite just the first year, we had a lot to learn, we did not achieve anything but in the last three years Omonia had a very good course. It is not easy, the championship is very competitive. But fortunately we are doing well, we hope that what we have achieved in these three years will continue. “As you know, we did not do so well in the league but in the end we won a title, we will have a break in Europe, hoping for the groups as we expect UEFA to announce, finally good and we are moving forward.”

For programming: “Every year changes have to be made, especially this year we had player deductions that were very important, they offered a lot. At the end of the day we had to look at what is best for next year, what are the best decisions for the team and the world and start the season as prepared as possible and with the best additions we can have. I know that some announcements were made tonight, I saw you, the effort will continue to strengthen the team, to bring the players who will help us achieve our goals “.

For the model and whether to continue: “In the end, yes, we will continue as we are. As you know the model with Neil Lennon in English the style is more of a manager not only a coach so with this coach this model will help us better “.

His most difficult moment and his most difficult decision: “The first year was the most difficult. The most difficult decision was Henning Berg this year. He was the coach who helped us a lot in recent years, we achieved many of our goals, for me it was the most difficult. It was something we did with a heavy heart, we did not know if it was the right decision. It would be easier to let him end the year and the above people would not say much, they would see it as a logical decision but we wanted to give more opportunities to the club to win the cup and I think in the end it was this opinion that we felt with another coach we could, without reducing what Berg offered, it just seemed that the team was not pulling from the beginning this year, we lost something, the above players were the same, something was lost, we could not find what it was, we waited around 34 games and finally we made the difficult decision. From what it looked like I think it was right. “

How they came to Lennon: ” We try to put quality processes in place as with hiring a coach, we had a list, we put their pros and cons, we came up with 3-4 people, we did interviews and we came up with him. He was well-known, he earned a lot, he wanted to work abroad, he was hungry, he wanted other titles, the right age, he had what we asked for and a personality “.

If they were ready for the scenario, Omonia Europe would not come out: “Of course, every year there is this possibility. Our football has become very competitive, there are many teams with high budgets, you have no guarantee that if you put money you will succeed, so we always start the year like this and the scenario this year was very close. It was not easy to win the cup especially as things turned out. But there is always the scenario of not succeeding, this is the beauty of football, you can do everything right and it will not work out for you “.

For important players who left like Gomez: “It's difficult decisions, as I said. And it was certainly easier to keep enough players to do what our hearts say, but at the end of the day our obligation as management is in the world of Omonia and we have to make difficult decisions without emotions in the hope that they will be right, although it will not always be. “

If four years have passed easily or if it seemed like a century: “Certainly not a century. Certainly my life is not as easy and quiet as before Omonia. “When we achieve some of our goals it is easier to keep working to help the team succeed.”

For what it holds: “When we were in the final the most difficult thought was not whether to take the cup or whether to go to Europe, but how to send the world home without winning and taking the cup. Okay there are many joys, Europe, to raise the level, but at the end of the day the thought is to always give joy to the world of Omonia. Of course we did not achieve the goals we had from the beginning, we felt we could win the championship but at the end of the day it is this, to strive for the world, there were thousands, hundreds of thousands of Omonia, I see it whenever I come, they love Omonia and we try to we do everything possible to give them joy “.

For” Elias Pullos “: “We have definitely come close to licensing issues, we are waiting for some other preparations with the CMO and some details that we have to settle with the club but we are on the right track.”

For the world: « We do everything we can to make him happy. The people of Omonia more than any other team are next to the team, the players, us, the technical team and as they feel sad when we do not succeed, so do we. We thank them for coming to the league even when we were not doing well and they helped the players, we thank them for the help, we know that without the people it would be very difficult to win the cup, he was disappointed but he came and helped the players “.

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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