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Paphos FC: The whole story

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From APOP and Evagoras to today…

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<p><strong>Paphos FC may have only been founded in 2014 and are only eight years old, but their history goes back years, with team mergers and mediocre attendances. But everything has changed and now the team is looking for its first historic trophy.</strong></p>
<p>Through many adventures and many sorrows that Pafos friends have gone through they can now be proud of their team that represents all the city of Evagoras Pallikaridis.</p>
<p>Two teams, one idea</p>
<p>As we noted earlier, in order for Paphos to reach this point, several mergers of teams took place. The story begins with the associations of APOP and Evagoras.</p>
<p>In 1953 APOP was founded first. An “enhancer” team as they say in football slang. By 2000 he had managed to compete in the first division 19 times, with his best showing only finding him in 8th place in the league in 1988-89. However, it also reached the semi-finals of the cup three times, while it won 6 B' division championships.</p>
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The APOP team in 1999 – 2000

On the other hand, Evagoras was founded in 1961, with its course similar to that of APOP. One up, one down, without particular success. He competed in the first division 18 times with his two 9th place finishes in 1972-73 and 1976-77 being his best. In the cup, he never managed to get past the quarter-finals stage, while he had 6 B' division championships in his trophy case.

Πφσ FC: ισοραλη /></p>
<p style=Evagoras team in 1971-72

In the summer of 2000, APOP and Evagoras made the decision to unite in order to create a strong team and put an end to both their major financial problems and the “elevator team” phenomenon.

The first steps and beyond … again, the “enhancer team”

On July 10, 2000, the first general meeting of the new team was held and on that day the Paphos Sports Association (AEP) took shape. The board of directors consisted of 7 members of APOP and the same number of Evagoras.

In the early years everything went smoothly. In fact, the official debut was against APOEL, with AEP reaching the historic victory with 1-0. For four seasons she easily reached the goal of staying, while she finished twice in 7th place, which was also the best in her history. In the 2004-05 season the GDP team finished in 12th place and was relegated. She was just one point away from saving her life, but in the last race she did not succeed.

In the B' division in the 2005-06 season, he easily reached the champion's trophy, while at the same time he achieved something that seemed unreal. Its run in the cup stopped in the semi-final, being only the 4th team to reach the semi-finals competing in the B division.

Πφσηισραλη /></p>
<p style=Competition between APOEL and AEP in the period 2002-03

The promotion to the first category was accompanied by the pathogens of APOP and Evagoras. AEP became an “enhancer” group and the financial problems were getting bigger and bigger. In the 2013-14 season, AEP was in the B division and received a penalty of 30 points for financial reasons, as a result of which it finished the championship with a negative score and was relegated.

The hope from the… Dolls

Due to the financial problems, which did not let the team take a breath in April 2014, negotiations began for a merger with AEK Kouklion (which was not facing financial problems), which participated for the first time in the A΄ category in the 2013-14 season and was relegated.

The decision was to dissolve AEP and transfer the assets to the new team, while for its part AEK Kouklion would change its name to Paphos FC, in order to become a team for the entire city. The team started from the B' division and for the next four years competed twice in the first division and twice in the second division. In the 2018-19 season, Dubov and Lomakin took over the team and since then the team has taken a step forward every year. academies and built infrastructures that have nothing to envy of European teams.

But now Paphos has a date with history as it is in the cup final against Omonia to win the second biggest title on our island .

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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