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Paphos-Geroskipou wedding with a dowry of European funds – They signed a memorandum

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Paphos-Geroskipou wedding with a dowry of European funds - They signed a memorandum

A memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Municipalities of Paphos and Geroskipou to claim funds for project financing from the European Union Funds, while a contract was signed with the contractor consortium Remaco / Planet for the elaboration of the Strategic Study of Integrated Spatial Development of the Territorial Area. The two Municipalities are preparing for the submission of a strategic study for the development of the two Municipalities in the framework of the new programming period of the EU 2021-2027. The aim is to raise funds from the cohesion fund and the like over the next seven years. In statements, Mr. Faidonos stated that in this great effort their cooperation with the Municipality of Geroskipou will be close and at the same time with their advisors, as he said, the company Remaco / Planet that was selected through a process, and with which signed a cooperation agreement today. He noted that many projects carried out in the past five years to a large extent have been funded by the same Funds of the corresponding period 2014-2020.

Mr. Faidonos noted that “our passport for the new programming period, our claims and our program will be based on the good work we did in the previous period 2014-2020”. Now he continued, with our partners the Municipality of Geroskipou we will try in the Municipality of Geroskipou to make basic infrastructure projects and Paphos to be enriched with new projects, adding that this seven years will not be enough for the projects that will be financed only by the EU, but At the same time, as he said, with their own savings and their own money from Municipalities or Municipalities but also from the state budget, a few dozen other projects will be financed this seven years. The things that complement them, and so he noted, will be a multiple result and a positive effect on the progress of Paphos and Geroskipou and the Province in general, as he said.

For his part, the Mayor of Geroskipou, Michalis Pavlidis, stated that it is known that the Municipality of Geroskipou was not included in the European Structural Funds of the last seven years. However, he continued, this year thanks to their cooperation with the Municipality of Paphos they have been included, adding that they have already created working groups in the Municipalities of Paphos and Geroskipou that together with the researchers will evaluate all the projects that should be done in their areas. He also expressed the wish that many of these projects will be done in the Municipality of Geroskipou.

Athanasios Kefalas, a researcher from the Association of Remaco / Planet Companies in his statements stated that they are starting their cooperation with the two Municipalities, Paphos and Geroskipou in order to support and capture their strategic plan for the next programming period 2021-2027 utilizing them. resources available in the context of the EU strategy and policy objective of reducing regional disparities and boosting social cohesion.

Source: politis.com.cy

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