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Paphos: Handcuffs on two people who beat their “friend”

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Paphos: Handcuffs on two people who beat their

Two 27-year-olds who were arrested in connection with a case of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, assault with intent to cause actual bodily harm and intimidation were later summoned in writing to the Court.

According to the Police, a 35-year-old man was reported to the TAE Paphos on August 15 that earlier in the day at 02:00 in the morning, while he was at a music and dance center in Kato Paphos and having fun with his friends, he was approached by two other acquaintances who are 27 years old. and beat him.

According to the complaint, the complainant managed to escape from them and then with the intervention of an employee of the center was transported out of the premises and was transported by ambulance to the First Aid of Paphos General Hospital where the doctor on duty found that he suffered a fracture in his nose. and other parts of the body. He was then admitted to Paphos General Hospital and detained for further treatment.

Arrest warrants were issued for the 27-year-old alleged perpetrators and they were arrested yesterday. The above two persons are said to be involved in the episode

During interrogation, the two 27-year-olds expressed their own positions which will be investigated in parallel. They were then charged in writing and later summoned to court.

The exams are continued by TAE Paphos.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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