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Paphos hoteliers – Lowest occupancy rates in the first quarter of 2024

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What is happening in the political scene is making the world more restrained

Ξενοδoχοι Πφου - Χαμηλότερες πληρότητες το πρότ&omicron ; τετρàμηνο 2024

In the first four months of 2024 in the hotels of Paphos the occupancy rates are lower compared to 2023, according to the Deputy President of the Association of Paphos Hoteliers Evelina Komodromou, who said that the events taking place in the political scene make the world more restrained.

In her statements to KYPE, Mrs. Komodromou noted that the war situation in Israel contributed to this, and that by October 2023 the Israeli market in the Pafos district had registered a significant increase.

Also, he continued, an inhibiting factor is the fact that the Catholic Easter is much earlier this year, with the result that this encourages some to choose other destinations such as Turkey and Spain.

Mrs. Komodromou also pointed out that the stagnation in the market is expected to last until May 15, while after that there is expected to be a good momentum from the English market. Mrs. Komodromou estimated that due to this stagnation in the first quarter of 2024 the year might not fluctuate to the desired levels. out of operation during this period in the district of Paphos. He added that those that remain in operation record occupancies of 50% or 60% or even 70% at the price of a low competitive price.

He added that Cyprus' current competitors are Turkey and Egypt, destinations with a lower standard of living. He also said that on Valentine's Day, it is expected that there will be a lot of traffic from the Cypriot market to the hotels in Paphos district.

Mrs. Komodromou also noted that the profile of customers has changed, noting that tourists from Croatia, Austria, Italy, Poland and Germany choose Pafos province for vacations. He noted that the new flights at Paphos airport have brought a different customer profile to the province.

He also said that due to the legislation that has encouraged Airbnb and other accommodations that have been licensed during this time there is the profile of the tourist who chooses to stay in this type of accommodation.

He also noticed that there is a large increase in accommodation either unlicensed or licensed.

When asked about the biggest problems facing hoteliers today, Mrs. Komodromou stated that the workforce is a perennial problem that concerns not only Cyprus but the whole of Europe.

< p class="text-paragraph">Certainly, he said, the Government has changed its tactics regarding employment from third countries, noting that meetings have been held in the relevant Ministry and that there is understanding and consideration. For this he continued, “we have also implemented new procedures in terms of speeding up the application procedures from third countries”. of people although there are still some delays. Mrs. Komodromou stated that the workplace of the hotels must be strengthened, since some Cypriots have left the hotel industry, but also some foreigners who worked in Cyprus have left.

Then , he also referred to the projects being carried out on the Paphos beachfront, saying that their delay is a problem for Paphos hoteliers and stating that these must be completed soon.

Unfortunately, there is great suffering for the tourists and this is reflected in the comments on websites and various forums. The center of Paphos has become beautiful, but the projects in the tourist area have been delayed a lot, he concluded.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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