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Paphos is proud and justified for the title of European Capital of Smart Tourism

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Περorφανη και &delta ;ικαιωμeνη η Παφος για τον τΙτλο Ε&upsilon ;ρωπαyκorς Πρωτεyουσας Eξυπνου Το&upsilon ;ρισμοy

The awarding of the title of European Capital of Smart Tourism for 2023 to the city of Pafos makes us proud and at the same time makes us feel justified for the hard work and preparation we have done in recent years for our city to transition to smart and digital age, the Mayor of Paphos Phaidonas Phaidonos said on Thursday. “We were convinced because we have a specific vision,” the Mayor said during a press conference.

The fact that we competed in a free, open process with important and large European cities and the evaluation committee ended up giving this title to the city of Paphos is certainly very honorable for us, he said, adding that at the same time it is “also a certificate pan-European level” that Paphos has taken important steps in the direction of the smart and digital city.

In addition, Mr. Phaidonos said this title for Paphos, which “constitutes the number one tourist destination of Cyprus and an important destination of the Mediterranean”, will help it to promote it as a modern European  tourist destination. 

He then spoke about responsibilities arising from this title, such as the continuation of other projects leading to the smart and digital city and the smart tourist destination.

Paphos, he continued, must be “an experiential experience from the first moment” and its visitors should feel that through the use of technology, the city is accessible and friendly.

The title was given to us because certain goals were achieved and specific projects were implemented, he continued, saying that Paphos is recognized through its work.

Referring to the evaluation process, he said that it lasted a few months, culminating in yesterday  day, where the shortlist of seven cities that made it to the final phase was evaluated and evaluated.

He talked about a series of “smart” projects, such as those related to parking spaces, smart poles, smart lighting, digitization of archaeological sites, water management and others, which are already being implemented or are starting to be implemented, and he said that&nbsp ;”we were convinced because we have a specific vision”.

SIKAP welcomes

Meanwhile, the Paphos Leisure Center Owners Association – SIKAP welcomes the choice of Paphos , which was declared the European Capital of Smart Tourism for 2023.

In its announcement, the Association of Paphos Leisure Center Owners congratulates the Municipality of Paphos, ETAP and in general those who worked for this great success for Paphos.

As he notes, the effort of SIKAP  especially after the great success of Pafos, should be continued in order to achieve further attraction of tourists.

“This success must be properly handled by the authorities but also by everyone those involved in the tourism industry in order to get the best possible benefits”, the Paphos Association of Leisure Center Owners concludes in its announcement.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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