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Paphos knew Anorthosis in the delays!

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Incredible finale in the PAP derby with plenty of intensity and goals

ΞΕρανε την Ανορθωση στισ κα θυστερorσεις η Πàφος!

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Impressive game on ” Papadopoulos” with Paphos achieving a “buzzer beater” and getting a great victory. Anorthosis was winning until the 100th minute with Paphos scoring two goals in the 101st minute and in the 105th getting a huge “double”.

A Part
The footballers of Anorthosis and Paphos entered quite nervously in the first minutes which did not help to have phases in the first half.

Paphos was slightly better but did not enter the Arboleda area with claims to threaten. The same with Anorthosis, who lacked the final pass and the “clean” mind, playing a mediocre half.

In the 31st minute, in an unexpected phase, Ikoko made a cross with the ball hitting Correa's hand. The referee showed the “white” arrow and after confirmation from Var, Tankovic took over the execution of the penalty. The Paphos footballer was on target as he beat Arboledas who fell into the right corner giving his team the lead.

After the Paphos goal, Anorthosis was in no way able to react with Paphos easily managing the in favor of the lead.

So at the end of the first half, Paphos found Anorthosis leading 1-0.

Second Part

Paphos had the first goal in the first half with Goldar getting a header but Arboleda saved.

A minute later, Anorthosis managed to equalize the game after a cross from Korea and a projection by Kastel who beat Ivusic.

Anorthosis managed to turn the tide against them in the 64th minute. After a shot by Chiko the ball bounced somewhere and reached Gassama who shot and beat Ivusic.

The second goal of the “lady” gave psychology to her players who circulated the ball better while Paphos could not react.

Where everything showed that Anorthosis would get the victory in the 86th minute, Tsiko was sent off after hitting Botskai and left his team with 10 players.

The referee showed ten minutes of delay with Paphos looking for the equalizing goal. In the 95th minute, the visitors won a penalty after Antoniou marked Tzatza. Var called the referee where he showed the “white” bullet. Tankovic took over the execution with Arboleda guessing correctly and parrying. After an intervention by Var, the penalty was repeated as the goalkeeper of Anorthosis did not step on the line. Tankovic executed again and this time he was on target to make it 2-2.

After several delays the match continued with Paphos having the last chance. After a turnover by Tzatza, Goldar caught the powerful shot and beat Arboleda, making it 2-3.

Thus, Paphos got a great “double” and increased the difference from Anorthosis to 53 points.