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Paphos: March crucial for the tourist recovery

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Paphos: March crucial for the tourist recovery

2021 may have started badly for the country's airports, as passenger traffic in January recorded a new double-digit decrease of 90.5% compared to 2020, but the outlook remains encouraging for the situation to improve this year, mainly due to the changes. which will enter into force in March in relation to the categorization of the countries from which Cyprus will receive tourists. This position of the Ministry of Transport is also embraced by the hoteliers, as it results from statements in “F” of the president of PASYXE Paphos, Thanos Michalilidis.

The president of the Paphos hoteliers stressed, in particular, that the new categorization that will apply pan-European offers some additional smoothness in the market and mainly allows the tourist to predispose to travel as he will not be afraid of being unexpected and will have to undergo restructuring. and measures he did not take into account.

“The traveler will now know in advance that he is going to a destination that has specific requirements that will be almost identical across Europe,” he said. “This is a right and positive step, but it is not the only thing that is needed to change the climate.

The situation in the hotel industry is still very bad and significant restart moves will be needed. The Government must first announce the further support of the units and the hotel staff, so that when the big foreign tourist agents start coming to us for reservations and to see our readiness to serve their customers, we will be ready to respond. immediately and positively “.

This presupposes, explains Thanos Michailidis, that the state aid in the sector should be extended at least for April and May, so that the hotel units can work and prepare in time. This year, he pointed out, the competition between the Mediterranean destinations will be greater every other time, so we must definitely be ready for the first moves of tour operators.

The president of PASYXE Paphos points out that it is positive that Britain and Russia seem to be making great progress in their vaccination program, which creates optimism that the main markets for our country will be able to move in time to anticipate the summer tourist season.

“This is very important not to be lost in 2021,” he stressed, “as the situation is very bad so far. All hotels in Paphos are closed now, while bookings for the summer are minimal, as the uncertainty “It dominates in all European markets, while bookings from last year's cancellations were minimal.”

Source: www.philenews.com

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