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Paphos returned to victories with actor Valakari

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Paphos returned to victories with actor Valakari

Paphos returned to victories, beating PAEEK 2-0 at “Stelios Kyriakidis”, thanks to goals scored in the final of the two halves, both by Oni Valakari.

This is the second victory for the Paphian team, since it last celebrated in the premiere with the impressive 4-0 against APOEL. Since then, Paphos has counted two defeats and four draws. With the three points, Paphos reached 10 and rose to the sixth place, equaling with APOEL.

On the other hand, PAEEK after its fourth defeat remained at seven points and is in tenth place.

In the game, PAEEK was the first to send the ball into the net and specifically in the 12th minute with Kapartis, but after six minutes of control by the VAR, the referee decided to cancel it.

Before the end of the first half, in 42 ', Valakari after a cross by Semedo finished the phase perfectly and came 1-0. The assistant referee (Andreas Victoros) erroneously canceled the goal, but the VAR correctly counted it a little later.

Semedo was the protagonist in the second goal of the winners, since in 87 'the ball was set in the white ball for marking by Dimitriou. The execution was undertaken by Valakari who was on target and made it 2-0.

The evolution of the struggle

End of the game

87 ′ – GOAL. 2-0. Valakari is on target and gives his team a two-goal lead

85 ′ – A penalty is given for the overthrow of Semedo by Dimitriou

83 '- After a corner, Dias made the shot that was missed

70 ′ – Shot by Prosek, Prosek falls and collects

66 ′ – Shot by Berigo, collected by Prosek

57 ′ – Nice cooperation from the players of Paphos with the final recipient being Valakari, whose shot was quite off target

Start of the second half

End of the first half

42 ′ – GOAL. 1-0. Valakari opened the scoring for Paphos, with the assistant showing offside, but from the examination of VAR it appeared that the goal was clear and the hosts took the lead in the score

12 ′ – CANCELED GOAL. After a corner, Kapartis pushes the ball into the net. After an examination of about six minutes, the referee saw it on VAR TV and the goal was canceled.

7 ′ – Shot by Semedo, the ball hit somewhere and went just outside the corner

2 ′ – First chance in the match for PAEEK on Nanto's head that Rutko collected

1΄ – Start of the match

PAFOS: Rutko, Ailton, Quinta, Semedo (88 ′ Aurelio), Berigo (73 ′ Four), Zaire, Valakari, Dragomir, Bairic, Panceon, Pagic

PAEEK : Prosek, Eselnik, Dias, Sumaoro, Dimitriou, Nanto (88 ′ Neophytou), Charalambous (66 ′ Babic), Enoch, Kapartis (66 ′ Jansen), Kouros, Francescu

Scorers: 42 ′, 87 ′ pen. Valakari

Yellow cards : 45 '+ 5 Zaire, 60 ′ Ailton / 58 ′ Sumaoro

Referee: Christodoulou Kyriakos
First Assistant Referee: Petrou Petros
Second Assistant Referee: Victor Andreas
4th Referee: Fellas Konstantinos
VAR: Christoforou Marios
AVAR: Dimitriadis Marios
Observer: Captain Costas

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Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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