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Paphos: The infrastructure for smart parking is ready

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Paphos: The infrastructure for smart parking is ready

Dora Christodoulou

Paphos becomes the first city in Cyprus to proceed with a total establishment of a pioneering combined system of smart parking, but also smart monitoring of water supply within its municipal boundaries.

After the development of the special geographical information system, in which the smart infrastructures for parking will be “climbed”, the municipal authority of Paphos has started the preparation for the operation of the smart water meters. The contract for the water meters has already been awarded since last summer, in order for these procedures to be monitored and recorded electronically and automatically.

These new systems that bring Paphos one step closer to the “smart city”, concern 3300 parking sensors, in all the organized parking spaces of the Municipality and in 27 thousand water meters of households and other premises.

The “smart” parking management system has an estimated cost of 1.2 million euros and has an installation period of seven months. The project includes the management of parking spaces with the use of sensors in each parking space in organized spaces, as well as corridors. There will be a mobile application through which the public will be informed about the available parking spaces at points of interest, as well as the payment of parking fees.

The implementation of the smart system will bring many and great benefits, such as the reduction of unnecessary vehicle movements, the facilitation of the movement of citizens and visitors in the city, as well as the reduction of pollutants.

The development and maintenance of the Geographic Information System (GIS), will allow the Municipality of Paphos to geographically place the huge amount of data it collects on a daily basis, thus taking another essential step in achieving its strategic goal of transforming the city into “Smart City ».

Source: www.philenews.com

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