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Paphos: The situation in the retail trade is disappointing

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Paphos: The situation in the retail trade is disappointing

Dora Christodoulou

Growing frustration prevails among the vast majority of shopkeepers and others involved in retail, as things in Paphos continue to move marginally. Despite the reactivation of the retail trade without the restrictions of the first period of the pandemic, the market movement, according to the people of the bazaar, is still moving at very low levels.

“This is further proof that the shock of the pandemic and its economic consequences have long left people skeptical about how they manage their money,” said market officials. “Now, we can say with certainty that things in Paphos are worse than what the economic agents and businessmen of the province previously thought about the operation of the market in the conditions of the pandemic.”

These bodies pointed out to “F” that it is now clear that the situation will not improve immediately in terms of economic indicators due to the shock in which society found itself and the differences in the priorities it brought, even if in practice the operation of retail trade, now looks smooth.

“Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly clear,” he said, “that while the pandemic situation is not finding a final solution, regardless of the temporary improvement, the last thing that will concern people will be the immediate start of their consumer planning.” habits. “Even if the situation in Cyprus, due to our small size, is fully normalized and the companies are fully operational, it is now clear that we will not have a satisfactory audience to which we can address for a long time to come.”

Source: www.philenews.com

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