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Paralyze KIE, All-day and Music Schools on Thursday-Outside the Ministry of Education, teachers

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The strike of the teachers of the State Training Institutes will last all day, next Thursday, during which their protest will take place outside the Ministry of Education, in an attempt to send the message to the authorities that they must inform them immediately about what is going to happen with the issue of staffing.

The teachers who staff the specific programs of the Ministry of Education had long ago expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that a lot of time has passed and they still have not been informed about how the specific programs will be staffed in the coming school year, after the abolition of the regime services market, which has been in place for the last few years. What the Minister of Education told them in the last meeting they had on the matter, seems not to have convinced them and to this end, the protest that had been postponed will take place every day.

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The fact that a grace period of at least two weeks had been given to the Ministry of Education in order to contact them and give clear answers to the major issue that concerns them also contributed to the intense dissatisfaction that prevails and is possessed by the teachers of the programs, however such a thing, as they report, it has not been done.

“No one contacted us, all these days. We will go at 11:00 in the morning outside the Ministry of Education, but the KIE will be closed all day. There are 12 programs. Neither the All-Day, nor the Music Schools, nothing will operate”, the organizational secretary of the teachers' union of the Greek Orthodox Church, Kyproulla Kyprianou, explained to the REPORTER.

The protest outside the Ministry of Education is expected to conclude by midday, with teachers then returning to their bases, however they will not be holding classes. However, what the unions emphasize is that this was the last resort, however, as time goes by without answers about the staffing programs, the workers' concern for their future grows.

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“Several days have passed. This is no longer the case. There is also the position of OELMEK, who know that they are asking for the programs after a frenzy. I'm also surprised that we haven't had a reaction so far. But people must know what they are going to do. The decision is entirely the Ministry of Education's”.

Over 700 people are affected

It is noted that, at this time, there are reports on unions representing the teachers of the programs, who until before the start of the school year, worked under the service purchase regime, which was abolished shortly before the Presidential Elections and the measure came into force in September, that the number of people affected is approaching 700.

“I say that 3/4 and that may be a few that I say, will be unemployed. What does the Ministry of Education do? We are in trouble if we give in to everyone's appetites. They must be pressed and give us an answer. That burns us. A decision has to be made so people know what to do. They call us and tell us they will be unemployed. This must not stay like this. They have to answer us”.

It is recalled that there is also a proposal on the table at the moment from OELMEK, to be staffed from the list of appointments of the Education Service Committee, as is also done in public schools, something that the teachers of the programs find against, as in this way those who have worked all these years will be victimized, since they are not high on the list in question.

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Source: reporter.com.cy

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