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Parents send an SOS for violence in schools-More than 30 cases of unmanageable students

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The complaints revealed by the Education Committee regarding sexual abuse of students by their classmates, but also sexual harassment of students by their teachers, have caused intense concern, with the agencies involved sounding the alarm and sending an SOS to the State, so that to take appropriate measures to make schools safe.

The problem of violence and delinquency in schools has always been intense, but in recent years the situation seems to have gotten out of hand, since there is direct access of students to the Internet, as a result of which the incidents of bullying, attacks and even harassment have intensified. This was also confirmed by the extraordinary session of the Education Committee, during which everything was put on the table, in the presence of the responsible minister, Athena Michailidou, as well as the leadership of the Police.

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The complaint of sexual harassment of a student by his classmates, as well as the fact that perpetrators and victims are still in the same school, it is a shocking example that there is a serious gap in the measures taken to tackle the scourge of violence in schools. The same applies to complaints of daily drug use in several school units. As the REPORTER is informedbefore the bodies involved (including Parliament, parents, teachers, Ministry of Education) there are some striking cases, which were mentioned during the debate, while others are under the microscope that are just as worrying.

This testifies to the magnitude of the problem, while it is a common secret that drugs have infiltrated the units and have now become a daily routine for students. The chairman of the Education Committee, Pavlos Mylonas, emphasized this in his statements, wanting to shake up those in charge.

“There are laws that have not been implemented”

The incidents and the complaints have caused great concern among parents, who basically all they are asking for are safe schools for their children to go to and receive an education, as stated in the constitution.

“It is the State's responsibility to ensure this. We will not take the law into our own hands. On the other hand, we say to the State that it must take action and everyone must assume their responsibilities, including the managers and the Ministries and the Police. You can't have an incident in February and it's April and we don't know how we're going to handle it. There is no infrastructure for the children to go. The legislation has not been activated. Who are they waiting for? There are complaints that reached the parliamentarians and concern children and teachers and they are very serious complaints”, the president of the Confederation of Parents of Secondary Education, Loizos Konstantinou, told REPORTER.

It is noted that in 2021 a law was passed, according to which structures and day centers must be created, where children who exhibit delinquent behavior and are dangerous to be will go within schools. A legislation that has not yet been implemented.

“The main thing that the State must do is to create the structures that should accommodate the cases of children who cannot be in the school units, due to their delinquent behavior. Children cannot be in prisons. The law from 2021 provides for these spaces to exist. There are 35 cases of students who shouldn't even be in schools.”

Regarding the cases of students who demonstrate delinquent behavior, Mr. Constantinou indicated that according to the data received from the Ministry of Education, there are approximately 200 cases of such students, but 35 cases were deemed unmanageable, to the point of being dangerous for others.

“We have been told this for six months and it is still inside the school. What else needs to be done? Legislation must be implemented for day centers where students will go to be monitored. Is there an Early Intervention Team and does it take days to visit the school? This is serious. It's like we call the Fire Department and it comes three days later. According to the Constitution, the state must provide education to its citizens at a high level. We ask the state to implement the laws.”

Teachers are also deeply concerned

In addition to parents, teachers are also ringing the bell, especially with regard to the issue of drugs, with the president of OELMEK, Dimitris Taliadoro stressing that everything that exists in society exists in schools as well, stressing that it is a social problem.

Regarding the rest of the complaints, Mr. Taliadoros emphasized that the Ministry of Education seeks to implement a pilot program from September, based on which alternative teaching will be offered to the children.

“It will be a combination of school lessons and those centers will be staffed with psychiatrists and psychologists. It is a proposal that was heard for the first time by Akis Cleanthos in 2007, the proposal is there, it was supported by parents and teachers, but the parties were against it. But now we have a legislation from 2021, we see a long delay and a misunderstanding of the services”.

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Source: reporter.com.cy

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