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Parimatch: “Our people are the most important asset”

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Group HR Director Marianna Hatziantoniou, shares the secret of success in managing the company 's human resources The common elements we are interested in are hard work, dedication, confidentiality and innovation

“If not all then we owe most of it to our people,” says Parimatch Group HR Director Marianna Hatziantoniou and analyzes the company's human resource management strategy, which invests the most in its staff and considers it the most valuable its asset. “Apart from the various privileges we offer to our staff, we believe in open communication and we take into account their feedback”, Marianna Hatziantoniou emphasizes in the interview that follows.

What makes your company stand out from the competition?

The responsibilities and tasks that my colleagues and I are called upon to perform on a daily basis require hard work and professionalism. Nowadays the competition is great and through new, fresh ideas and innovation you can succeed and at the same time stand out in the labor market. As the HR Manager of the company, my philosophy is to do everything for the job satisfaction of the employees. It all starts with the good mood and the good atmosphere in the workplace. This is then reflected in the work and the way of thinking of each employee. As I mentioned above, an important factor for the company to stand out is the professionalism of the employees. An area that is in my responsibilities, as a result of which I help them to be focused on what they are doing.

As a company, you have the reputation of being the preferred employer. What benefits and incentives do you offer your staff?

This “reputation” gives us motivation and will to work every day for the best of the company. I must say that on a personal level it satisfies me very much. Parimatch has rightly combined its name with the care of its staff and I would like to mention some of them. We have offices in a privileged position, with unobstructed sea views and the pleasant atmosphere is combined with free meals offered in a specially designed relaxation area with electronic games, darts and football. In fact, it is worth noting that our culture is multicultural, facilitating the adaptation of new members. In addition to team-building activities, events are organized, practically taking care of the balance of work and personal life. We celebrate the birthdays of all our employees, making their day even more special. At the same time, depending on the season, we shape and decorate the space appropriately, so as to keep the positivity undivided. We hold daily or weekly meetings with our team and any of the employees can contact the CEO of the company at any time. We organize various corporate events, such as family and team building events, which our staff really enjoy and enhance social interaction, collaboration and open communication. At Parimatch we believe that our people are the most important asset of the company and we invest in them, offering them a position according to their characteristics and capabilities, with the prospect of development. The people of Parimatch are its people and if not all – then most – we owe it to them. In addition to the various benefits we offer our staff, we believe in open communication and take into account their feedback through various surveys that we make sure to send after each corporate event or HR project.


What criteria must someone meet to work in your company?

We understand from the beginning that each candidate is different and has his own characteristics and capabilities. The common elements that we are interested in each of them have are hard work, dedication, confidentiality and innovation.

Our primary goal when someone starts working at Parimatch is their training. This is because at Parimatch we all want employees to feel that they are actually contributing to the achievement of overall goals. Each employee has prospects for personal and professional development through external or internal training programs. The company also provides free English lessons at its offices during business hours.


Is the coronavirus pandemic estimated to benefit companies investing in technology more?

The company has adopted work from home for its staff, utilizing the strong technological infrastructure and modern online working methods that it has developed through its course. In addition, we constantly inform the staff, in accordance with the renewed relevant instructions announced by the competent government agencies, always having as a primary concern the health and well-being of the staff. In fact, we achieved the full payment of salary and bonuses and proceeded to increase the salary increases for our staff from once to twice a year and we continue the new recruitments normally.

Our goal is to remain preferred employers even in the difficult days we are experiencing, while other companies have suspended their operation. We want our people to feel safe belonging to this group. For this reason we safeguard their health by providing antiseptics and protection masks. At the same time, we carry out disinfection in our offices every month and we have given the opportunity to our staff to send them their computer screens and office chairs at home, so that they can continue their work smoothly and comfortably.

In addition, we organized various virtual and group activities for the staff, to keep their interest undivided and to make them feel even in the quarantine moments members of the Parimatch family, taking care to cover all the interests and occupations of our staff.

In conclusion, I would like to point out that in case the measures are relaxed, we will try the hybrid form of work again, allowing Parimatch employees to either work from home or come to the office in small numbers, allowing the key meetings to move forward and thus facilitating the moments. social interaction.

Marianna Chatziantoniou, Group HR Director Parimatch

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