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Parliament Green for new categories of loans from the Central Agency for Equal Burden Distribution

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<p data-block-key=A law that provides for the possibility of granting loans from the Central Agency for Equal Burden Distribution (KFIKB) for kitchen renovation, energy upgrading of residences and installation of photovoltaics, both to refugees and to citizens who have property in the occupied territories, was voted unanimously by the Plenary of the Parliament.

The relevant law proposal was submitted by the Parliamentary Committee on Refugees. The law authorizes the issuance of relevant regulations, which are before the Parliamentary Committee on Refugees.

In particular, the law provides the possibility for beneficiaries to submit an application to KFIKB for loan approval regarding kitchen renovation with or without the purchase of household appliances up to the amount of ten thousand euros and with a minimum loan amount from KFIKB of three thousand euros.< /p>

It is also possible for a beneficiary to apply for a loan for any energy upgrade project of his existing residence, which does not exceed the total amount of fifteen thousand euros.

It is still expanding the period within which KFIKB is allowed to consider applications after the date of loan issuance through financial institutions from six to twelve months.

In his statement to the Plenary Assembly, AKEL Member of Parliament Nikos Kettiros stated that the specific law passed following a law proposal by the Parliamentary Committee on Refugees is needed to implement specific plans of KFIKB and was made in consultation with the organization. The law, as he said, addresses the needs of low-income groups.

He added that among the other provisions in the regulations that are under consultation and will be approved subsequently, an increase in the period for subsidizing the interest rate by the Agency from 20 to 30 years for a loan of up to €200,000 is foreseen. He also mentioned that the amount for student loans is increasing and maintenance costs are also included. He also called on the Agency to run the issue of property valuations in the occupied territories.

The individual socialist MP Kostis Efstathiou reminded the law passed by the Parliament for the fee 0, 4% in property sales in favor of refugees and said that regulations for the management of this money should finally be presented to Parliament for approval.

DISY Member of Parliament Rita Theodorou Superman stated that unfortunately there was a need for loans with favorable terms, since this state has not taken care of the equal distribution of burdens over time. He welcomed the role of the Agency, which throughout time supports the displaced and gives another breath for lending. He emphasized that these regulations formulated by the Agency in the last two years, were usurped by the current Government, after including them in the measures it announced to deal with accuracy.

The Member of Parliament of DIPA – Cooperation Michalis Giakoumis said that for 50 years there has been a discussion to find ways to support the displaced and that the sins of the governments are eternal. He added that their support in these difficult times is important. He added that the provision for the energy upgrade of households is in the right direction and that they support the law.

DIKO Member of Parliament Christos Senekkis said that the current Government's concern is the dignity of the refugee world and it was confirmed with the KTIZO plan for refugee apartment buildings. He said that there was a report that they were on the way from 2020 and absolutely nothing was done by the previous Government. With regard to the law on KFIKB, he mentioned that the money could have been provided by the previous Government, but the political will was from this Government.

DISY Member of Parliament Giorgos Karoullas said the Ministry of Finance tried to reduce the budget that the Agency needed to implement the plans. He also said that the time is ripe to seriously discuss the implementation of the Disability Relief Act and prepare proposals to be submitted to the executive branch.

DISY Member of Parliament Kyriakos Hatzigiannis spoke of the deterioration of the refugee world after 50 years and said that the big issue is to ensure cohesion between the refugee world and non-refugees and equal opportunities. He added that it is an extremely necessary study on what is the real situation of the refugee world today.

Nicosia Member of Parliament Alexandra Attalidou said that people who have huge properties in the occupied territories did not get nothing since they were not refugees. He asked to register the properties of those who had properties in the occupied territories and not only of the refugees because a huge injustice was done to them. He also mentioned that in order to solve the problem definitively, the Cyprus issue should be resolved and not “making careers in the Cyprus issue”.

ELAM Member of Parliament Linos Ioannou mentioned here and 50 years have passed, a lot of governments have passed and the same ones are being discussed, while some are discussing as if they did not govern. He added that they should proceed with actions that have not been implemented in the last 50 years.

Source: KYPE

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