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Parliament Speaker: From Andros to Annita through Nikola – All in the background

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Until a few minutes before the start of the first session of the new Plenary Session of the Parliament, the prevailing scenario for the election of the Speaker of the Parliament seemed to be the consensus proposal of the President of DIPA, Marios Karoyan, and which concerned the support of his Secretary General. AKEL, Androu Kyprianou, from all parties except ELAM. Provided that, in case the roles in the Presidential elections of 2023 are reversed, ie the Presidency of the Republic passes to the opposition, then the presidency of the Parliament would go to DISY (the current ruling party), so that the President of the Republic and the Speaker of the Parliament do not is from the same place.

DISY, AKEL and Ecologists viewed the Karoyan proposal positively, but EDEK did not agree, while DIKO was out of the puzzle.

At the last moment, AKEL pulled back the disagreement of EDEK with the excuse. The information says that there was a secret agreement in the 3rd round, AKEL, DIKO and EDEK to support and elect Nikolas Papadopoulos as Speaker of Parliament. The overthrow was made by ELAM, which withdrew the candidacy of Mr. Christos from the 2nd round and supported the candidacy of Annita Dimitriou. DIPA was somehow dragged into DISY's candidacy, bearing in mind the reshuffle of the upcoming Anastasiadis government.

The president of DIPA, Marios Karoyan, even had his speech ready for the consensual solution of the parties that elected (would elect) the Secretary General of AKEL, Andros Kyprianou, in the presidency of the Parliament…

New Speaker of Parliament, MP and Vice President of DISY, Annita Dimitriou, with 25 votes – For the first time a woman in the presidency of the House of Representatives

Preliminary YES from Adamos to Pr. Anastasiadis… to save public hospitals

Source: politis.com.cy

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