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Parliament: Voted against the proposals for a law on divestments

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EDEK's amendment to freeze the interest rate was approved, with 23 votes in favor, 17 against and 13 abstentions

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<p>The Plenary Session of the Parliament rejected two proposals for a law on divestments, in the last legislative session before the summer holidays.</p>
<p>AKEL's law proposal, co-signed by ELAM, DIPA, EDEK, the Environmentalists and three DIKO MPs, to grant borrowers the right to appeal to the Court to secure an order suspending a planned sale, in order to examine potential abusive clauses and overcharges , was voted against with 27 votes.</p>
<p>The 17 deputies of DISY, 6 deputies of DIKO and 4 of DIPA voted against. The 14 deputies of AKEL (Irini Charalambidou is absent abroad), the 3 deputies of EDEK, the 3 of ELAM, the 3 of Ecologos, the deputy of Nicosia Kostis Efstathiou, the independent Andreas Themistokleous and the deputies of DIKO Zacharias Koulias and Christos Orphanidis. Pavlos Mylonas did not vote.</p>
<p>The proposal of the President of EDEK for the sale of a property at the estimated price on the date of signing a loan agreement was voted against with 43 votes.</p>
<p>The Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Cyprus disagreed with these proposals.</p>
<p>An amendment by EDEK to freeze the interest rate was approved, with 23 votes in favor, 17 against and 13 abstentions.</p>
<p>It is worth noting that the proposals were put to a vote for postponement and out of a total of 52 MPs in favor of postponing the first proposal of the law, 14 voted and 38 against. 14 MPs also voted in favor of postponing the second debate and 38 against.</p>
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What did the sentences say in detail

The first law proposal was by Aristos Damianou, Andrea Kavkalia and Christos Christofidis on behalf of the AKEL-Left-New Forces parliamentary group, Sotiris Ioannou on behalf of the National People's Front, Ilia Myrianthous on behalf of the EDEK Socialist Party, Alekou Tryfonidis on behalf of the Democratic Party Party-Cooperation of Democratic Forces, Stavros Papadouris on behalf of the Movement of Environmentalists-Citizens Cooperation, Zacharias Koulias, Member of Parliament for the electoral district of Famagusta, Christos Orfanidis, Member of Parliament for the electoral district of Larnaca, Pavlos Mylonas, Member of Parliament for the electoral district of Limassol, Kostis Efstathiou, individual socialist Member of Parliament, and Andrea Themistocles, an independent deputy.

It was intended to amend the Transfer and Mortgage of Real Estate Law, in order to ensure the right of the mortgage debtor and other interested parties to apply to a competent court for the suspension of a real estate sale process in specific cases, which are determined in this regard and include disputing the amount of the amount owed and the invocation of the existence of abusive clauses in loan or mortgage contracts.

The second proposal of Marinos Sizopoulos aimed at amending the Credit Agreements for Consumers in relation to Real Estate intended for Legal Residence, in order to achieve proper harmonization with the act of the European Union.

The positions of the MPs

The General Secretary of AKEL Stefanos Stefanou said that their proposal is almost horizontal and is not supported by DISY, “which is always with the banks”. He said that the government has brought no proposals but declarations and intentions and his party is therefore suspicious.

He said that we are currently paying for bank crimes, malpractices and inadequate supervision and added that he understands why some people do not want to talk about the banks' responsibilities.

Aristos Damianou stated that the question raised about the special jurisdiction of the provincial courts is entirely reasonable and called on the government to explain about this special court when it is ready. He also mentioned that it would be good for the co-governors to coordinate with each other and added that he completely understands why some people avoid discussing the abusive clauses of the banks.

He also said that if for some the proposal co-signed by AKEL is irresponsible , then they will have to come to terms with each other, as they are also co-signatories.

The Parliamentary Representative Giorgos Loukaidis said that we had a bank robbery in Cyprus and the banking problem remains and rejected what is said about the economy as rampant risk-taking.

He said that people are being evicted and losing their professional housing and it is about time let's face it.

The President of DIKO Nikolas Papadopoulos said that the proposal co-signed by many parties will lead the economy to adventures and invited everyone to reflect on the next day when we will lead the economy to a banking crisis and invited them to say what suggestions they have.

He also invited MPs to say whether they agree with his own MP Zacharias Koulias who said he prefers the downgrading of the economy. Mr. Papadopoulos also said that the government's package can help manage the NEDs.

Zacharias Koulias of DIKO said it is time to correct our sins and wondered how a three-month suspension would harm the economy and if they will downgrade us for 3 months.

Pavlos Mylonas of DIKO said that the ideal would be to give time by consensus and that there would be a better solution in September. He also said that those who committed crimes in previous years are guilty.

Onoufrios Koullas, DISY MP said that his party maintains an attitude of responsibility and accountability towards all citizens, despite being the opposition and it was easy to do the opposite and will not tire of doing so as long as there are destabilizing forces.

He added that the party is not going to support dangerous proposals, as characterized by the Ministry of the Interior, the CBC and other experts, while they were ready to support the Government's bill. He expressed the opinion that in such matters of capital importance there should be cooperation with the executive power in order to find solutions.

On the other hand, he stated that the Government did not bring what he had hoped for, that is, that it would solve the global issue.

At the same time, he said that the only remedy that the Parliament wants to bring is the suspension of sales, which will not only not reduce, but will increase the problem. He also called it a myth that there is no possibility of access to justice, since cases are heard every day. However, as he said, what they want now is an almost automatic suspension of the sale, for anyone who goes to court.

Linos Papagiannis, Member of Parliament of ELAM, said that what is happening today is both illogical and paradoxical and referred to pressures on the proponents of the proposal by some who are misinformed and did not understand what the proposal is for. He said that those who are subordinate, as he said, to the banks must be protected and no government proposal covers this. He also said that we should be consistent with our oath.

Sotiris Ioannou, ELAM MP, said that the proposal is the product of work and convergences and that there is a way to deal with strategic non-payers. He wondered how a proposal can be made responsible and beneficial, for some to say that it threatens the economy.

The President of EDEK Marinos Sizopoulos said that the unilateral suspension of the sale does not help especially the borrowers, who have some property and will absorbed by the acquiring companies.

EDEK Member of Parliament Ilias Myrianthous, who submitted 2 oral amendments, said that in 2018 we abolished the constitutional right to appeal to the courts and unfortunately we appeared to be inferior to the circumstances and the proposal aims to resolve this constitutional deviation “not with milosfotzismas”.

From DIPA, Alekos Tryfonidis said that in 2018 the banks were given superpowers in relation to the borrowers and that the banks were facilitated, by being given permission to transfer NPLs to management companies. He said that in the face of the absence of protection for borrowers, DIPA as a responsible party is trying to find ways out. Mr. Tryfonidis said that the Government is studying proposals and in the next few days will bring a proposal for the financial commissioner that will provide many ways out. after and in that the borrowers are unprotected. He said that today we have to deal with a distortion and added that the Government has not brought a package of measures and that many of their proposals are proposals of the parties.

The MP Kostis Efstathiou said that passing the law that allows the borrower access to justice “is the minimum we can do as a parliament of a democratic country”.

“If we deny the Cypriot citizen the right to claims justice in this place, then I think we lose the last negotiating trump card in the Cyprus issue. Our difference with the pseudo-state is that we are a self-existent and democratic state,” he said.

The independent deputy of Limassol Andreas Themistokleous described the 2018 legislation as a disgrace. He added that he does not intend the Republic of Cyprus of 2023 to deprive or deprive any citizen or other person residing or visiting Cyprus of the right to go to justice in order to get his due.

“This sleaze this filth on the bloody and overworked hump of borrowers must end,” he added.

Banner protest< /h3>

During the debate in the Plenary, dozens of citizens with banners gathered outside the Parliament building, demanding that borrowers be protected from abusive clauses and from foreclosures and to be given the right to appeal to the court.

The banners read among others “in 2013 they took your money, in 2023 they take your house” and “In no country in the world execution without a court decision”.

Earlier, the discussion of the government's bill regarding the creation of a special jurisdiction in the District Courts for the rapid examination of cases of non-performing loans secured by a main residence worth up to €350,000 was postponed.

Βουλor: Καταψorφισε τις προτασεις νoμου για εκποιorσε ις

In fact, when the MPs voted against the postponement of the debate on Marinos Sizopoulos' proposal (for: 14, against: 38), the tone between the President of EDEK and Nikos Tornaritis rose. Specifically, Mr. Sizopoulos stated that when a party requests a postponement of a bill for the first time, it is approved. “For whether we are serious or not. Shall we discuss it without discussion? But are we serious? Interests and purposes will be served”, he added.

Βουλor: Καταψorφι andsigma; orσεις

In response, Mr. Tornaritis noted that DISY is absolutely serious. “It is the only political faction that has been saying exactly the same things for the last ten years. We say that we do not accept the postponement, not only because it was filed with the urgent method, those who are cut for the interests of the borrowers, come and here is Rhodes, here is the leap”. Afterwards, Mr. Sizopoulos noted “I will also come to Rhodes and the jump. We recalled the same proposal from September 2021. What did Mr. Tornaritis do in the Legal Committee? He did not put it up for discussion and it was discussed after 14 months. We will not be silent.”

Βουλor : Καταψorφισε τις προτΑσεις νομου &gamma ;ια εκποιorσεις

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