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Part and time again, Aresti complains

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Part and time again, Aresti complains

The chairman of the Investigative Committee for the collapse of the Co-operation, former judge George, warned the parliamentary Audit Committee yesterday about a big meal and an ongoing scandal against thousands of borrowers, with the involvement of Altamira, which manages the red loans of the Co-operation. He called on Parliament to intervene and consider the procedures followed by Altamira in assessing and selling loans. “Some people amass treasures and become millionaires,” Aresti said, adding that “people are suffering and they will take their loans and take them to Spain.” According to him, real estate worth € 100 thousand, was valued at € 20 thousand, due to the inability of the owner and the bankrupt borrower to proceed with his own assessment.

According to Mr. Arestis, Altamira, although a private company, is associated with KEDIPES, which is the evolution of the Cooperation. Citing the conclusion of the Research Committee, he stated that the Cooperation agreement with Altamira was not the most advantageous for the bank. He also noted that, due to poor corporate governance in the Co-operation, there was no progress with the red loans, headed by Barnabas Kourounas, who is now the director of Altamira.


Banks know better than KEDIPES Different reading DISY – DIKO for KEDIPES

In addition, he claimed that both Mr. Kourounas and the general manager of the Co-operation, Nikolas Hatzigiannis, pushed, as he said, the agreement between the Co-operation and Altamira. He reminded that the report suggests the examination of criminal liability of Mr. Kourounas for the methods by which he promoted Altamira but also for criminal and disciplinary liabilities that may exist against the CEO of Cooperation Nikola Hatzigianni for Altamira for intentional acts and omissions.

For his part, the Auditor General Odysseas Michailidis stated that the conclusion of the agreement was “aron – aron” before the Cooperation was sold, “in a scandalous way”, in his statement, while he claimed that the agreement was methodized.


Source: www.philenews.com

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