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Partners Connected Communications: The ideal workplace for women in communications

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Partners Connected Communications: Ο ιδανικoσ χo&rho and omicron; ν τομeα της επικοινωνiας

At a time when the position of women in the professional and business arena is increasingly strengthened, Partners Connected Communications becomes the second company in Cyprus to be awarded the Best Workplaces™ award for Women by Great Place To Work®!

A distinction that stems from the deep-rooted culture of equal opportunities, respect and progressiveness in the company for many years, which makes Partners an employer of choice among female professionals in the field of communication.

Partners Connected Communications is highly invested in the harmonious cooperation and equal treatment of men and women as well as in the continuous personal growth, empowerment and development of all its executives, enabling women to make the most of their abilities and fulfill their professional ambitions. To such an extent, in fact, that today we can talk about a large percentage of female executives, including the highest positions in the hierarchy and management of the company.

There are many reasons why Partners is an ideal workplace for women. The balance between professional and personal life with the provision of motivation is among the high priorities of the company. Extending the limit of maternity leave, providing leave for parents to attend important moments of their children, as well as increasing the days they can work from home are some of them.

Respecting the freedom of expression is a basic condition for working in the company.  The diversity of personality, but also of the way of thinking is not only accepted but also cultivated as a way of maintaining the creativity and game changing mentality, for which Partners is known in the field of communication. Providing equal opportunities for everyone without exception, encouraging participation in decisions, refraining from prejudices, stereotypes and taboos create a climate of acceptance, teamwork and participation, which is confirmed by the company's name itself.

Partners has always been a model employer with particular sensitivity to strengthening the position and appreciation of women in the professional field, which is confirmed by this year's declaration as Best Workplaces™ for Women by Great Place To Work®.

Source: www.philenews.com

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