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Party for Animals meetings with prospective leaders. The 6 positions-introductions

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Συναντorσει ς Κoμματος για τα Ζoα με υποψorφιου ς ιεραρχες. Οι 6 θΕσεις-εισηγorσεις ?

Kyriakos meetings with elected hierarchs. The 6 positions of the Party for Animals – On Friday he meets with Limassol Athanasios

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The Party for Animals Cyprus in view of the archbishopric elections will have meetings with the candidate prelates.

On Friday 9/12/2022 and the time At 11 a.m. the President of the party will have a meeting with the Metropolitan of Limes Mr. Athanassios.

During the meeting he will be given the relevant memorandum as below:

To candidates for the archdiocesan elections:

Source: cyprustimes.com

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