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Passiourtidis – Pantelidis: Support to EuroAsia under conditions

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The deputies of AKEL and DIKO commented in the NEWS DISTRIBUTION what was said to the Energy Committee of the Parliament

 Πασιουρτiδης – Παντε&lambda ;iδης: Στorριξη στο EuroAsia υπo προDποθeσει &sigmaf?

Commenting on what was said at yesterday's (29/08/2023) meeting of the Energy Committee, during which the Cyprus-Crete electrical interconnection and the role of the EuroAsia Interconnector were discussed, MPs Andreas Pasiourtidis came forward (AKEL) and Chrysis Michaelidis (DIKO).

According to Mr. Pasiourtidis, specific questions were created from the discussion, which should be answered by the study requested by the Ministry of Energy with an implementation horizon until the end of October, so that they become clear.

The first question is financial viability, he said and added that “there is a balance which we will have to find out where it will come from and with what guarantees, if and when they are required by the state or if they will come from private funds”. The second, he continued, is how the security of the State is ensured. “You realize that an island in the eastern Mediterranean cannot depend exclusively on a cable, which for any reason can at a certain stage interrupt its supply,” he added.

Mr. Pasiourtidis said that the third, is what the cost will be for the consumer and this “should be much less than what he will have if the electrical interconnection is not done”.

He noted that the AKEL's position is that Cyprus needs such a project, because it is energy isolated, given that it is economically viable.

For his part, Mr. Pantelidis stated that DIKO supports the project, as he recognizes the great importance of the removal of Cyprus's energy isolation and its electrical interconnection with Greece and Israel, as well as the great geostrategic value of such a infrastructure in the eastern Mediterranean centered on the island.

In addition, he expressed full satisfaction “for the decision of the Christodoulidis government to thoroughly examine the economic viability Project, with the perspective of the participation of the Republic of Cyprus in the specific Project, provided that it is considered sustainable and in whatever way is considered more testable and more effective”.

Wishing to prove the financial viability of the project, he said that DIKO will support any decision by the government for state support, given that financial sustainability will be ensured.

“There is no doubt that it is a useful project. If it had been there when the explosion happened in Marie, there would have been no power outages for months,” he noted.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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