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PASYDIXE: Tourism time zero

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PASYDIXE: Tourism time zero

DI “The experiences and experiences of the past can no longer be the best advisor for strategic decisions of Tourism, since the pandemic seems to overturn its current model of operation.”

These were mentioned, among others, by the President of the Pancyprian Association of Hotel Managers (PASYDIXE) Dr. Christos Angelidis, during the Annual General Assembly of the Association that took place online, and in which a large number of members participated, as well as guests of the Public and Private sector of the local tourism industry.

Analyzing the most important data as they have evolved in the global tourism industry, the President of the Association referred to the bankruptcy of a large number of airlines, as well as the partial nationalization of large airlines, such as Air France and Lufthansa, with the aim of rescuing them, resulting in to create a new supervisory environment with stricter rules, with more controls, practices that will limit high risk taking and reduce the availability of airline seats internationally.

Referring to official data of the International Tourism Organization, Dr. Angelidis said that 31 medium and large foreign Tour Operators 2,500 Travel Agents and 150 travel booking platforms have completed their work, thus creating new data and dynamics in the tourism chain. In addition, the role of digital platforms, Social Media, is becoming a leader in the field of bookings.

Despite the optimistic messages with the start of vaccinations, the uncertainty about travel continues and unfortunately the controversial results regarding the efficacy, production and distribution of vaccines reinforce the reluctance of the traveling public. The above negatives indicate the psychological charge of the audience due to the repeated and continuous lockdowns resulting in the situation becoming a vicious circle.

Unfortunately, said the President of the Association, forecasts for the type and number of tourists we can attract are difficult and precarious and therefore the ingenuity and innovation in targeting and promoting our tourism product becomes imperative.

The diversified, and more economical choices of tourists in and around their countries will also drastically reduce the total number of tourists, thus leading to more intense competition between all countries.

Referring to the UK main market, he said that the Brexit agreement provides a basis for relative stability, but does not allow any complacency due to competition from non-European countries.

The extremely catastrophic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on tourism, the President of the Association stressed, make necessary the financial support of the employees in the hotel industry, which must be continuous to a satisfactory degree, in order to maintain the jobs and a basic level living.

Training in the new trends of the hotel industry plays a vital role in adapting to the new technological tools and in the whole integrated learning of languages, mainly German, Russian and Chinese.

Referring to the need to diversify our tourism product, Dr. Angelidis referred to new ingenious approaches such as the creation of spaces in hotels, with a similar and technologically upgraded infrastructure to become workplaces and study by professionals, students, researchers and companies, in combination with their vacations, throughout the year.

Providing incentives to popular events and TV series of world and renowned prestige for their hosting in Cyprus such as master chef-Russia, xfactor-UK.

Adapting to the new pandemic data can be differentiated, hosting individual and binary sports and activities, such as table tennis, snooker, darts, chess, archery, etc.

Highlighting the rich archeological sites of Cyprus with the organization of live concerts.

For the better planning of the tourism policy of our place, the President of the Association stated that the pandemic and the drastic changes that the Tourism and Hotel Industry is capable of in all sectors, demand as never before the creation of a National Institute of Tourism Studies. An Institute that will be the pillar and the basis for specialized studies, where the State Department will be able at any time to be provided with the appropriate information and analysis aimed at policy planning.

Source: www.philenews.com

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