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PASYDY bill to resolve the issue of permanent employees

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PASYDY has assigned the drafting of a bill to a group of reputable lawyers, with the intention that the perennial problem faced by permanent employees, regarding the absence of advancement prospects, be led to a definitive regulation .

As stated in a statement, the issue has been repeatedly raised by PASYDY both at the level of the President of the Republic himself and before the Minister of Finance.

In addition, levels of the Organization had meetings with all the parliamentary parties with the aim of informing them about the subject in question. All the Agencies involved, it is noted, have declared their support for the need to solve the problem, with the aim of removing the chronic injustice suffered by 5,500 EAX employees in the Public Sector and another 3,500 in the Greater Public Sector.

The PASYDY's legal advisers, the announcement states, are preparing a proposal for a Law for the amendment of non-essential constitutional provisions as well as the Law on Public Service, in order to remove the obstacle presented in terms of the possibility of claiming Promotion positions also from the EACs, resulting in the routing legal procedures to solve the problem in question, without at the same time disrupting the progressive balance between the permanent and EAC colleagues.

It is pointed out that PASYDY has made a initially informing the Ministry of Finance in relation to the provisions of the Bill being processed.

As mentioned, upon completion of the draft of the Bill PASYDY will forward it to the Government, so that with its consent it will be sent to the Legal Service for legal technical processing and to be submitted to the Parliament for discussion and voting.

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