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“Patches” in Pournara – The contracts and the 10 parties involved in the center

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Spasmodic movements and “patches” are recorded for the time being regarding the management of the issue that arose with the overcrowding in the temporary accommodation center for immigrants “Pournara”.

Within yesterday, Following the statement made the day before yesterday during the visit of the President of the Republic Nikos Anastasiadis to the facilities in Kokkinotrimithia, there was compliance with the issue of the drink.

Specifically, the company that won the offer for the food – about 950,000 euros for four months – arranged the transport of tea, coffee and sugar for the needs of the immigrants. At the same time, a private company on its own initiative brought iced tea to the site in individual packages.

No care

However, at the moment it is doubtful whether the issue with the drink (the President described it as unthinkable not to be given in his statements on Monday morning) will be settled permanently.

Officials said it had not been offered to immigrants for so long. In addition, in the contract of the Asylum Service with a private company for the feeding of the people hosted in “Pournara” there is no clear special reference. According to the contract, the successful company is obliged to provide three ready meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner), while their delivery takes place twice a day…

Regarding the needs of infants who need to be given baby milk and creams, a competent source speaking to “P” assured that there is no omission. He explained that special preparations are provided by the Asylum Service and the Red Cross and are distributed by the Non-Governmental Organization CODECA which has secured the contract and manages the hospitality of the immigrants and the management of the center.

b> 150 minors +600

Besides, information informs us that yesterday the final arrangements were made for the transfer of about 150 minors from “Pournara” to a hotel unit. At the same time, another 600 adult immigrants were to be transferred to the “Limnes” Hospitality Center operating in Menogeia. We remind you that relevant decisions were taken at the meeting held on Monday at the Presidential Palace.

The day before yesterday

At the same time, it is not known whether there is a plan to speed up the application process, so that there is no congestion in “Pournara”, due to the increased flow of migrants in the areas controlled by the Republic of Cyprus. It should be noted here that according to the count the day before yesterday, there were 2,500 immigrants in the center, while based on the facilities and specifications of Pournara, it is foreseen the accommodation of 500 people in rooms and another 300 in tents. A space for another 100 people is expected to be created in the near future. However, it is understood that unless the procedures for reviewing requests are changed, there will be no improvement in the situation. It should be noted that many immigrants who have applied for immunity and received a release paper, secretly return to “Pournara” during the evening for sleeping and eating.

10 places…

What emerges from the report on the issues of “Pournara”, is that the involved services that deal daily with the center are too many without central coordination. We record in detail the involved services/departments/Ministries:

  • Asylum Service under the Ministry. Ministry of Interior
  • Ministry of Health (two doctors offer daily services on an annual contract basis, with a maximum cost of 8,000 euros per month)
  • Aliens and Immigration Service (Cyprus Police)
  • Members of the Cyprus Police performing security duties at the site
  • State Department
  • CODECA – NGO that takes over the management and administration of the center (reception, hospitality, food distribution & # 8211; 250,000 euros per year contract)
  • European Border and Coast Guard Agency (FRONTEX)
  • European Union Asylum Agency (Euaa)
  • European Police Office (Europol)

10 places are listed are daily involved with the temporary accommodation center, but are not coordinated by a body…

Source: politis.com.cy

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