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pcharge: The complete solution to electrification from Petrolina

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pcharge: Η ολοκληρω&mu λyσηλεροηση ην Πετρολνα

With the aim of becoming the leading provider of integrated electric vehicle charging solutions, Petrolina has created the new pcharge brand offering a wide range of products and services to ensure a smooth transition to electric mobility. The management team of pcharge talks about the new Petrolina brand, which provides its own platform and application and has proceeded to implement the largest electric vehicle recharging network in all of Cyprus.

It has been a few only months of pcharge operation. What are the first examples of its operation towards companies?

pcharge is Petrolina's new brand for electrification, in the context of expanding the Group's strategic development in new energy sectors. Companies can be served through the management platform pchargecreated with the existing fleet management services it offers, for the seamless transition of companies to electric mobility. Through the platform companies can process the data and performance of the chargers in real time. Also, they can monitor data analysis, billing and crediting system as well as charging and energy bill status. In addition, existing or new Petrolina Fleet Card customers can issue online e-fleet cards for their electric fleet through the Petrolina Card Web Portal and receive a single bill each month for charging, along with other products that they will use from Petrolina (fuel/lubricants/car wash/gas cylinder etc.)

pcharge: Η ολοκληρωμeν ησηηλεοκηαπτη ; Πετρολνα

What are the benefits of pcharge and why should people choose it?

Through pcharge, Petrolina offers a complete solution for electrification, with the installation, maintenance and management of recharging points (CPO). In addition, it provides the pcharge app, offering users full access to how to charge their electric vehicle.

The network of chargers continues to grow rapidly with the aim of becoming the largest in Cyprus .

Users can locate the nearest charger, its availability, power, 24/7 support line as well as make payments through the app. In addition, users receive preferential charging rates on the pcharge network. Even through the expanded network, the user can access chargers in all provinces both in the fastest network with the fast chargers in Petrolina and Eni stations and the ability to roam in other countries.

Users can recharge through the pcharge app after first registering and creating an account. They can then select through the app the corresponding charger slot or scan the QR code located on the charger using the “Scan QR code” option.

pcharge: Η ολοκληρωμενη λyση σηνκτοσηπετ ρολiν&alpha?

How many pcharge points are there at the moment throughout Cyprus? By the end of 2024, how many do you expect to have in total?

It is therefore expected that 150 points will be installed by the end of 2024 in gas stations, as well as in public and private spaces. It is worth mentioning that Petrolina is the first company to have installed chargers in gas stations and has developed its own charging network throughout Cyprus. The ultra-fast recharge chargers (from 50 kW to 150 kW) have been installed at the Petrolina gas station in the area of ​​the new GSZ in Larnaca, at the Petrolina gas station in Choirokoitia and on Limanio street in Limassol as well as at the ENI gas station in Konia, Paphos. Chargers are expected to operate very soon at Petrolina gas stations in Astromeritis and ENI on Limassol Avenue in Nicosia.

pcharge: Η ολοκληρωμeν ησηηλεοκηαπτη ; Πετρολνα

Petrolina is a company that responds to the modern demands and challenges of the time, demonstrating its business insight, while at the same time trying to contribute to reducing its footprint on the environment. What are the next target plans regarding the charging of electric vehicles?

As a dynamic, leading organization that evolves, adapts and changes by investing in innovation and the future, Petrolina embraces the green transition by expanding its strategy of sustainable development in new energy sectors with a priority as always in providing excellent quality services, with smart solutions and customer-centric approach. Regarding the charging of electric vehicles we are focusing on further actions so that pcharge is established as the largest network on the island. For this purpose, Petrolina has proceeded to develop an integrated network of recharging points in gas stations, supermarkets, department stores, hotels, public and private parking lots, offices and commercial buildings with AC 22 kW chargers, covering all the provinces of Cyprus.

Besides, in the context of the green transition and the use of more electric cars, Petrolina actively supports the government's “Electrification with the 1000” grant scheme, serving its interested beneficiaries, welcoming projects that contribute to the development of a network of chargers, thereby offering a solution to the difficulty which many PC users face to have easy access to recharging points.

You can download the pcharge app here: https://onelink.to/e77v4q

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