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PD: Cyprus is the first pan-European in funding for Research Centers of Excellence

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PD: Cyprus is the first pan-European in funding for Research Centers of Excellence

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Cyprus ranks first in Europe among the countries that secured funding for the creation of Research Centers of Excellence, under the “Teaming for Excellence” Program, while it has recorded one of the largest absorptions of projects from Horizon 2020, said President Nikos Anastasiadis, expressing at the same time the will and determination of the Government for the utilization of research, innovation and technology, with the aim of creating a modern, sustainable and flexible state.

In his greeting at the Cypriot Innovation Awards ceremony of OEB and the Cypriot Research Awards Ceremony of the Research and Innovation Foundation (IDEK) that took place on Monday night at the Municipal Theater of Strovolos, President Anastasriadis stressed that “It remains to create further prospects that will allow our scientists to develop creativity, develop initiatives and gain professional recognition in their place, with long-term and substantial benefit for themselves, but also for our economy and society.”

In this context, he continued, “the decisions for the creation of the necessary conditions for the substantial development and consolidation of the sector, in order for Cyprus to become a regional center of research, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship” are included.

“We invest in the cooperation between the business and academic world of Cyprus, as key for the transfer of knowledge in the conversion of research results into innovative products and services of added value,” he stressed.

He also said that a milestone in this direction was the establishment of the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy, as well as the institution of the Chief Scientist, within which the goal is the optimal coordination of all existing government activities.

“Absolutely relevant to the positive impact of this reform policy was the adoption of a new system of Governance for Research and Innovation, the establishment of the National Research and Innovation Council, as well as the expansion of the role of the Research and Innovation Foundation as the executive research and innovation “, he noted.

Specifically, the President of the Republic said that members of the academic, research and business community of Cyprus, managed to raise funding of over € 317 million during the period 2014-2020, returning in triplicate our national contribution to the EU.

He also said that under IDEK's business innovation programs, 85 Cypriot companies, including 60 start-ups, secured funding in excess of € 20 million and invested € 9 million in equity, contributing to the growth of private investment in development.

As a result, nearly 200 new jobs have been created in cutting-edge sectors, he added.

In addition, President Anastasiadis said that “start-ups selected through this process, managed to secure high-risk funds, in excess of € 12 million, proving their international competitiveness.”

At the same time, he stated that within the framework of the National Financing Program for Research and Innovation RESTART 2016-2020, with an investment of € 130 million, 724 projects were financed, with the completion of which a total of 1250 new jobs are expected to be created and more than 500 companies strengthened.

He also said that in addition to the same framework of action, last April the Foundation for Research and Innovation, announced 4 new programs, the BRIDGE programs, which concern the conversion of research results into value-added products and services, as well as the strengthening of cooperation between of the various actors in the ecosystem.

In addition, the President of the Republic said that IDEK has been cooperating closely, since March 2021, with a recognized Certificate of Knowledge Transfer, implementing actions that enhance the transfer of knowledge between research centers and industry and added that the Research and Innovation Foundation recently announced third round of “Innovation Programs”, with a total budget of € 13 million.

He said that these programs, which target both innovative and start-up and existing businesses, aim to develop innovation activities, giving impetus to the transformation of innovative ideas into products and services with the prospect of penetrating the international market.

At the same time, as part of Europe's 2030 Digital Decade, we are focusing on accelerating the state's digital transformation, he added.

To this end, according to President Anstasiadis, the National Plan for Recovery and Sustainability will provide 282 million euros, an amount that corresponds to 23% of the total investment for actions related to or contributing to the digital transition, exceeding the minimum requirement of Europe for allocation of resources to 20%.

Also, President Anastasiadis said that based on the holistic plan we have formed, the development of quality and easy-to-use digital services, the implementation of new information systems in vital services, the upgrading of technological and telecommunication infrastructures, as well as the upgrading of digital skills are promoted. of the workforce as well as of all citizens.

Welcoming the event, which has been held under the auspices of the Ministry of Innovation Research & Digital Policy, OEB President Antonis Antoniou said that “The role of innovation in the struggle for rapid recovery and return to prosperity will be crucial and at the same time the foundations of sustainability “.

Mr. Antoniou said that in modern business where the business environment is changing at an inconceivable pace, the constant search for innovation now translates as a significant competitive advantage.

He said that the Fund for Recovery and Sustainability has identified Innovation as one of its key pillars that will help restore normalcy as quickly and painlessly as possible.

“This is proven by the result, as innovative companies are the ones that more easily gain significant market share while improving their efficiency and competitiveness,” he added.

Citing international practice, the OEB President said that “companies that are constantly innovating have on average twice as much profit as the rest and therefore a greater contribution to the economy and society.”

He also said that “the adoption of innovation, from the moment of the birth of a new idea, to the stage of its evaluation and finally to its development and implementation, is a really laborious process and is a key component of successful entrepreneurship.”

Referring to the event, the President of OEB said that this year marks the fifteenth anniversary of the start of the Cyprus Innovation Awards – OEB and added that for the second consecutive year an award will be given in the category of Social Innovation.

He said that “from the next competition in 2022, the Commission of the institution is considering the creation of an additional category for an award, something that will be announced at the beginning of the new year”.

This was followed by a speech by the Chief Scientist for Research and Innovation of the Republic of Cyprus and Chairman of the Board. of the Nikola Mastrogiannopoulos Research and Innovation Foundation.

The Cypriot Innovation Awards for 2021 in the Primary Sector, in the Manufacturing Sector, in the Services Sector and in Social Innovation were then awarded, followed by the awarding of the Distinguished Researcher 2021 and New Researcher 2021 Research Awards in Science, Physics and Science. Life and Social Sciences and Humanities.

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