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PD: I will not be involved in the election campaign

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In the pre-election period, in the illegal actions of Turkey and the occupying regime & nbsp; but also in the introduction of a minimum wage, the President of Of Democracy, Nikos Anastasiadis. & Nbsp;

Asked about his stance in the run-up to the upcoming presidential election, the President reiterated his support for Averof Neophytou. He noted, however, that he did not intend to campaign until one of the candidates criticized the government, which needed a response. At the same time, President Anastasiadis noted that & nbsp; the letter – complaint to the UN, will include Turkey's moves at the airport of Tympos – which is now considered Turkish, and the economic protocol of Turkey – pseudo-state , which demonstrates Ankara 's absolute control over the Turkish Cypriots. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

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Turkey-T/C: “Agapinor” exercise should not have taken place The President of the Republic spoke of a blatant revision of Turkey, expressing, however, the belief that despite the dangers and threats against Athens and Nicosia, Tayyip Erdogan will not proceed with reckless acts, with unforeseen consequences for Ankara.

Initiative for the establishment of a National Minimum Wage

In his interview with RIK, the President of the Republic also stated that he would take the initiative for the establishment of a National Minimum Wage, expressing hope that the consultation on the amount of the salary and the date of its implementation, will be completed by the beginning of July at the latest.

Taxation of the super profit of the private RES companies

Commenting on the decision of the Energy Regulatory Authority, to ban the EAC from increasing the energy produced through Renewable Energy President Anastasiadis noted that CERA is an independent authority and is not allowed to interfere in its decisions. He did, however, announce the conduct of contacts, in which he will have an advisory role, with the aim of resolving the problem. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Will not be involved in the election campaign RIK


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